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One of the brightest tennis players in history is currently going through a delicate period of his career right now. Roger Federer announces that he is out for the season and raises suspicions regarding his condition for the rest of his trajectory in the sport.


The tennis season isn’t going through a quiet period, since its stoppage during the month of March, due to COVID-19. There are still uncertainties regarding the continuation of the sport still in this year of 2020, although some exhibition tournaments are already happening with big-name players.

Will it be the end of Roger Federer’s career?

All of this is still a great mystery, but what’s already confirmed is the definitive absence of the swiss Roger Federer from the courts this year. The tennis player confirmed this week that he is out for the season, looking to recover his physical condition better.

Federer went through a right knee surgery at the beginning of the year, in February, and he was imagining that he would be ready for the 2nd half of the season. However, the Swiss thinks his recovery is too slow and an early return could aggravate the injury treated with an arthroscopy.

“A couple of weeks ago, having gone through a setback during my initial recovery, I had to make a quick additional arthroscopy on the right knee. Now, just like in 2017, I intend to take my time to be 100% ready to play at my best level.” Said the player on a note to his fans.

Roger Federer would originally already be missing out on Roland Garros, that is still being maintained on the ATP schedule, besides some other smaller tournaments. The Swiss’ coach Severin Luthi said that Federer’s recovery wasn’t developing as it was imagined, being much slower than expected.

With the absence of the Swiss superstar, Nadal and Djokovic should once again fight for the top of the ATP rankings, with maybe Dominic Thiem appearing as a third force in the tournaments.


At 38 years of age, this isn’t the first time that Roger Federer will be dealing with a big injury. Federer was a player that always took care of his physical state very well and went through his entire career without any major injuries. However, after he turned 30, a natural fatigue of the body of the swiss started to be visible. Federer maintained his technical quality and always showed himself very willing on court. That ended up overloading the not so young body of the tennis superstar.

Still in 2016, newspapers all around the world were discussing whether Federer’s injuries at the time were only injuries or if there was something chronic affecting the player. He announced that he would be going through a knee surgery, due to a jest out of the courts, but that it would bring some not-so-simple consequences to his career.

The Swiss was absent for 6 months and everyone was already starting to doubt if that would be the end of his career at the highest level. Well, that was 4 years ago and if at 34 years of age it was already a risk, imagine now at 38. Federer missed out on the Olympics and in the following year some minor injuries have prevented him to play in some tournaments. That became a constant and in 2020 now another serious injury takes him off the courts again.

How will a high-level athlete, that competes in a very dynamic sport, handle the fact his knee went through surgery once again? Tennis is constantly changing, between fast courts, slower courts and the player himself, demanding changes of practice and in play style.

Physically, his muscles will suffer more, due to the time he has to stop. Federer will lose muscular strength, he will have to recover for a longer period of time, and adding that to the age aspect, that is starting to become more and more important.


This is a big issue, but nobody is doubting the ability to recover and the absurd quality of the Swiss. His last grand slam victory was in 2018, when he won the Australian Open. Since then, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have been taking turns at the top. Federer still goes far, is a pain in the ass, and he is always amongst the list of favourites.

We can’t rule out a decrease in intensity from the swiss, because the final stretch is coming, and an injury is dangerous at this time. We will root for the better, but if it doesn’t work out well, it’s understandable. Without Federer, the odds for the next Grand Slams are already moving, although the favourites are still the same. Below, we have the odds:

In Roland Garros, Rafael Nadal is once again the big favourite, with odds of 1.90 against Novak Djokovic’s 4.00. Without Federer, the 3rd on the list is Thiem, with the same odds as the Serbian on Bet365. As for the hard courts of the US Open, Djokovic is in the pole position with odds of 2.50, against Nadal’s 4.50 and Medvedev’s 10.00, also on Bet365.





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