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Sports betting have been one of the professional aspects that has been growing the most around the world on the past decades. The betting possibilities vary from the number of online bookmakers to an infinity of sports offered. Where should you put your money on?

Football continues to be the most wanted sport

Football is the main highlight of any big bookmaker and that’s the focus for most bettors, especially the newer ones. Since it is the most popular sport on the planet, there are “experts” everywhere, decided to invest their money.

Where is the money in online betting

On this scenario, the biggest leagues continue to be the ones that offer the most diversity in terms of betting options. In the United Kingdom, for example, Bet365 offers alternative markets, such as players’ statistics, number of fouls on the match or even number of goal kicks.

That is because it is the competition that offers the most “liquidity”, which means, it is the one that attracts a big amount of money invested and generates a high demand from bettors.

These big leagues, such as the English, Spanish, German and Italian are where we have more betting options. However, it is also where we have the “tighter” lines.

That way, some very high handicaps, and overly inflated lines end up attracting a lot of bettors, and the “win and loss” ends up being very harmful for those that invest their money.

Sometimes we should look for some of the more alternative markets, looking at the value on the overly inflated odds of “underdogs” (the so-called underdogs or outsiders), or studying some alternative for when there is no value in traditional bets.

American sports are the big goldmines!

The more traditional sports of the North Americans are the ones that draw a lot of attention from the sports betting crowd.

However, just because there is a lot of money involved, it doesn’t mean it is easier to win it, so be careful!

The most popular competitions such as the NBA (basketball), NFL (American football) and MLB (baseball) are the ones that generate the biggest amount of money in online betting.

That is due to several aspects, such as fantastic marketing regarding their leagues, the big amount of weekly events (the NBA for example has weeks that have more than 50 matches, while the NFL has practically taken over the Sunday in terms of North-American sports).

With that, an infinite number of good possibilities are created, with a more cautious analysis, we are able to identify the characteristics of each team, see the streak of matches that some times has an impact on the performance, the absences and that generates a good probability of a good investment.


The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the United States, being the great finale of the season in American football. Searches indicate that it is the most expensive commercial period in the world, due to the huge audience generated by the event.

A research made at the start of 2019 by an American agency, informed that the North Americans placed bets up to a total amount of 6 billion dollars in the Super Bowl, that was played between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams.

These are also great markets to explore, to create a growing knowledge, even having more conviction of making your bets on this kind of event.

Events and sports of this magnitude generate a lot of money and also a lot of alternative betting markets, which is essential for big bettors.

Individual sports are also good options

Formula 1 is farm from being considered an alternative sport. However, it is an option that can offer a good window of opportunities. It is also a sport that attracts a lot of investment and that generates good betting options.

With changes scheduled by FIA for the next couple of years, the trend suggests that there will be a more interesting fight on the tracks, and that should bring in more attention from the fans and the bettors.

Tennis and combat sports are also a great target for bettors around the world. Firstly tennis, since there are several competitions every week, that gather great tennis players from the whole world.

There are 4 Grand Slams per year, which are the biggest targets for bets, but there is a huge variety of smaller tournaments.

On UFC and Boxing, we also have a great number of betting options. Each week there is a big event around the world, with great big-name fighters almost always fighting for a belt.

The question is: diversifying our set of options may be a way out for us to escape the loss of “win and loss” on the same markets, that sometimes don’t have any value.

Looking for knowledge and gaining depth on other markets is a good opportunity for us to know new betting models and have a great betting option every week.

This has a huge benefit, that is being able to only betting on what you see that has value, and not being “forced” to be just for the sake of betting, due to a lack of options in several scenarios.




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