What’s the value of sports commentators for the sports betting?

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For us to try and perform better in sports betting, we need to have a considerable knowledge about the sport we are investing our money on. In a modern world, we have the possibility of following several debates regarding any sporting event. The question is: can sports commentators really help us trying to find value in a certain bet?


There are several aspects to analyse for us to try and get better results in sports betting. I always highlight that we need to perfect ourselves and always look to try and get the most data before betting on a certain event.

With that said, we can reflect about how this data is collected and how the sources of this study can help us be more profitable in the medium/long term. An interesting discussion is if the commentators/journalists are important to help us make an analysis regarding a specific event.

We are living in a globalized era, where the internet allows us to follow the news about teams, athletes and several competitions. Like everything in life, we should filter the products that are offered to us. That relationship between the journalists that collect information and the ones that comment about the events seems to be very important.

I see a lot of value in those professionals that make the coverage of teams and competitions, that give important news about injuries, absences, internal environment and etc.

All of that can be found on several websites, social media, tv channels and radio stations. On the other hand, there are those debaters, responsible for analysing information and analysing the events themselves, giving opinions, sometimes incoherent, about everything that involves that event.

Particularly, I don’t see them being essential pieces to influence us as bettors. I believe that most of the time they make empty comments, merely superficial, and without a lot of study.


I, particularly, follow a lot of sports’ TV shows and I’m not here to criticize him but more to analyse their importance in the bigger picture, which is the investment within specific lines of the sports betting universe. I like some analysis and some professionals that go deeper into some topics.

But I see the majority of them commenting about irrelevant aspects of the sport, purely debating what happens and not trying to figure out why it happens. Firstly, I understand that the journalist profession doesn’t ensure any practical knowledge about any sport.

They understand about communication, but to express opinions about the game itself, they would need to deepen their knowledge regarding the concepts, a study of the variables concerning the match and most of them don’t do that.

Obviously, as time goes by and the consistent coverage about the football continues, a lot of them are able to have a well-founded analysis, but I don’t see them having opinions about the sport, the concepts, the approaches of each team, etc.

I see very few professionals who look to specialize themselves on their field of business, to understand about the specificities that surround them. I follow the debates and they are full of controversial news, debates about superficial matters, matches that have already happened, and none of that is useful to form an opinion about a bet.

I’m not saying that these are bad TV shows and professionals, because if I follow them, it’s because I find them at least somewhat interesting. But I’m trying to highlight their importance to help us on investing in a certain event, and in terms of that, I don’t find them crucial in our analysis.


Within this context, the relevance of the more technical aspects remains in the background, making way for controversy, imaginative reports about a certain club or looking to draw a bigger audience.

I see a lot of bettors, who maybe aren’t professional, and I say this because they aren’t putting in 100% of their time into sports betting, who are more capable of analysing an event. They look for more information, relevant data, analysing teams and athletes, to convince themselves that market or event offers some value.

The deeper considerations about the sport don’t usually generate audience for the media. That way, past data is often irrelevant for us to form our opinion. With all of this, I believe it is important to filter the analysis for us to form our own opinion and never base our opinion off an external opinion and use it to blindly bet on a certain event.

We are capable of being more than what we are, sometimes we just need to believe on our own ability of reading the match’s circumstances.

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