The speculations have been going on for some months now, but the rumours at Barcelona have increased, and yesterday, news regarding a possible definitive farewell from Messi to the Catalonian side came out. If Messi really leaves, which would be the best path? And Barcelona, how will they manage the situation?


What used to be empty news, full of speculations and desire from certain clubs, it’s now stronger than ever. According to Spanish and Argentine newspapers, Lionel Messi finally notified Barcelona’s board about his desire to leave the club.

The news came out this Tuesday and fell like a bomb in Catalonia, and why not, in all Europe.  The main reason for that it’s because besides the departure of Messi from Barça, there is a lot of expectation regarding which institution will have a genius in their squad next season.

According to TyC Sports broadcaster and Olé newspaper, both from Argentina, and also according to the Spanish newspaper Marca, Messi may ask for the unilateral contract termination due to an existing clause in his contract, that gives him that possibility at the end of each season.

Other media channels in Spain inform that Barcelona have confirmed they have received Messi‘s request.

The situation can now become a court case. The reason is because Lionel Messi, according to the newspaper Marca, would have the right to unilaterally terminate his contract until june 10th, and because of this, the Catalonian club would have declined his request.

The player, along with his supporting team, understands that the atypical year and the calendar changes have opened a breach, so his wish can still be fulfilled in 2020.

On Wednesday, news coming from Barcelona talked about an attempt by the club’s management in order to restore the good relationship with their number 10, and thus, go for a last move for him to stay at Barcelona for the next season.


It doesn’t seem to be the player’s will, who is looking for a change in his life.

It is still a question mark wether the club will go hard on him and force him via court to stay at the club, mantaining a dissatisfied player in the squad, or in the other hand will try to get some money out of him by selling a rare item in the market.


A few weeks ago, the internet heated up with so many posts debating a possible departure from Lionel Messi to Inter Milan, after he had bought a mansion in the city.

Many people even mentioned the rivalry between him and Cristiano Ronaldo, and the challenge of taking a team to battle Juventus for real for the country dominance, as it was in the Barcelona vs Real Madrid times.

However, this week, the strongest speculation from the European press, is that Lionel Messi is tempted to accept an offer from England’s Manchester City.

According to United States channel ESPN, Manchester City would be willing to offer a 3 years deal for the Argentine, and even put a transfer clause for their USA club’s partner, New York City.

Honestly, i believe this information is a little fanciful due to Messi’s greatness, but nowadays money buys it all and money is what this relationship between Manchester City and the United States has the most.

Newspapers in England are stating that Koeman (new Barcelona’s coach), would be interested in Gabriel Jesus to fill the vacancy left by the dismissal of Luis Suárez.

With this, the english club would try to make the Brazilian part of the business in order to amortize the high cost they would have to bring Lionel Messi.

Between going to Italy and venturing into England which would be the best path for the Argentine? I believe England would be the better choice and that the glamorous Premier League would be the most tempting destination for the number 10.


This is because he would then be part of the most competitive league in the world, aswel as the welthiest one and the one who has the biggest broadcast range in the planet.

He would also leave a boring championship where he only battled against Real Madrid, and he would go on to prove that he’s the genius he is, against much more competitive teams, and a wider number of title candidates.


Besides all of that, it is a personal challenge arriving at a club that has never won the Champions League. Just as it was Neymar’s challenge at PSG, taking a club to an unprecedent and historic achievement, would give a player the status of greatest idol in the club’s history.

Lastly, one more reason for packing to England is that he will once again reunite with Pep Guardiola, with whom he won so many titles and reinvented his position in football.

Messi wants to leave, i don’t think Barcelona has the strength to keep him there, and soon we will see him with another jersey.
Let’s just wait and see if “la pulga” will be as victorious in his new home as he was at Catalonia.

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