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This is a somewhat controversial topic, but I am here to be real in my texts. And whenever I can help alerting, I also do it. Based on that, I want to use my professional experience to warn you about scams that happen within sports betting.


But first I want to make it clear that in all professions there are good and bad people. And today we are going to talk about people who track the market in search of new starters or psychologically fragile people in order to scam them and steal their money.

I want to once again reinforce the thought that there are many good people in the market, and that besides their operational, they are deservedly paid for other services they perform within the scene. After this addendum, let’s go to the main theme.

Today I will mention some situations that if it hasn’t happened to you yet, be careful, because deceivers are surfing the social networks just waiting for a question or a doubt from someone to apply their scams.

And here I will mention some of them:


Scam 1: A very frequent scam is the one that consists in someone arriving at you in private and saying that they are part of a fixed Matches group. Fixed bets are matches who are manipulated and agreed upon so that the final result is an expected one.

They tell you that these games with previously combined results are part of the business and that the profits are assured. And for an initial fee you would be placed in the group.


This scammer manages to build a success story, and gives you concepts that really makes you believe that it’s a possible thing to happen and that the profit will be assured and easy.

This scam does not require an initial large amount of money, they profit with the number of deceived people, because with a low amount charged, comes the thought that it is worth the risk.

And when the amount is paid, this person disappears and goes in search of other victims. Usually, people who fall for this scam are the ones who keep posting on internet groups complaining they never win, what’s the best bet of the day, etc. So, be very careful with that!


Scam 2: In this scam, the scammer appeals to the victim’s emotional. In it, the trickster keeps browsing betting groups in order to find people interested in buying dollars, euros, etc.

When the victim is found, the first contact is initiated and a sum below the market is offered. When the first contact is declined he waits for a while and comes back with a second attempt.

He says that he is badly in need to sell the values and lowers the price even more saying that he really needs to sell them, comes up with some health problem and says that’s the reason why he is selling them for such a low value appealing more for help than for a business.

If the person falls on his words and performs the transfer, goodbye money. He disappears and never shows up again.


Scam 3: Service or selling tips: Here we get into the subject I talked about at the beginning, and in which we have to differentiate the people who really work seriously and the ones who just want to steal your money.

This kind of cheater only posts greens on social networks, along with the sentence: Come join my VIP group! Some of them even leave free indications with the words: In 10 games posted, we won 7.


But he doesn’t refer what were the odds of those games neither his winrate, and doesn’t even know what ROI is. That being said, if he bet on low odds, those 3 reds may have been bigger than the 7 greens.

Given that, the balance would be negative, but he will never tell you that. Instagram has many of these groups. Only greens posts! And when the client joins their VIP group, at least one advance monthly fee is guaranteed (that’s what they want).

An observation about these scammers, ask what their average ROI is if one day they approach you. They certainly won’t know how to tell you.


Scam 4: This is the psychological scam, because it consists of posting luxury cars, trips around the world, impacting sentences like: Look what I bought with a single bet!

The intention of these scammers is also make you join their tips group, but by showing an immediate and false wealth, they charge high fees or even ask to manage the client’s capital in exchange for a commission.

They say they will return a profit percentage way high above the market, but in the end, the client is deceived and will hardly see his money back.

There are other scams, but these are usually the ones that appear time and again. These are the type of people who take away all the credibility of the profession.

And remember to stay alert, a simple question through social networks is enough for you to fall in the line of action of these people.

The alert is given. And if they look for you in box with some offer like that, just say you’re not interested and stay firm with your decision. There’s no point in arguing, because we don’t know if whoever is on the other side is just a cheater or something worse.

So stay alert, I hope you appreciate it and filter some ideas.

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