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Vasco vs Botafogo ā€“ Campeonato Carioca :Ā It is undeniable that the messy set of rules of the Campeonato Carioca creates a lot of opportunities for the teams to qualify.

However, Vasco is looking to ensure their spot here on the finals of the TaƧa Rio, for them to be closer to the final of the 2018 Campeonato Carioca. For that to happen, they will need to face Botafogo.

Latest matches:Ā VASCO
18.03.18 CAR Botafogo vs Vasco 2-3
13.03.18 LIB Vasco vs U. De Chile 0-1
10.03.18 CAR Madureira vs Vasco 1-3
07.03.18 CAR Vasco vs Fluminense 0-0
04.03.18 CAR Vasco vs Boavista 4-3

On the weekend, the two teams have featured in a very exciting duel. Serious injuries, controversies with the referees and a lot of goals. Vasco has been conceding a lot of goals this year.

That is one of the aspects that their manager ZĆ© Ricardo has to try to improve here.

The attack seems to finally have found itself, with the speed of their youngsters allied to the presence in the box of their fierce centre forward AndrƩs Rios helping Vasco to keep scoring goals.

This match is decisive, and I believe that, by playing at home, Vasco has some favouritism, but a derby is a derby, and anything can happen.

Latest matches:Ā BOTAFOGO
18.03.18 CAR Botafogo vs Vasco 2-3
11.03.18 CAR Volta Redonda vs Botafogo 1-1
06.03.18 CAR Botafogo vs Bangu 1-0
03.03.18 CAR Flamengo vs Botafogo 1-0
25.02.18 CAR Botafogo vs Cabofriense 1-0

BotafogoĀ have lost their last match against Vasco at home, and their manager, along with some players, preferred to put the blame on the fact that they were distracted by the fact that their captain JoĆ£o Paulo had broken his leg.

Okay, itā€™s clear that if the referee had sent off the Vascoā€™s player on the play, the match could have been different.

But, on the 90 minutes, their opponents were superior and now, they have everything to turn things around, beat their rivals and put themselves on a prime position to win TaƧa Rio.

This team is very limited, and they lack players with more technique. They are dedicated tactically, but thatā€™s not enough to convince.

The team has already featured in one of the biggest embarrassments, having been eliminated by Aparecidense on Copa do Brasil.

That is all due to the lack of resources and investment made by the board. The match is decided on the pitch, but in my opinion, Botafogo is a bit below the level of their rivals.

Vasco vs Botafogo ā€“ Betting Tip and Prediction:

A derby is always a different kind of match. But, analyzing objectively, I believe that Vasco has a better team than Botafogo right now.

Despite still needing some defensive improvements, Vasco has more players with quality, their manager is already on the club for some time and they are definitely favourites here.

Playing at SĆ£o JanuĆ”rio, where they are always strong, and with Botafogo still performing below the expectations, I donā€™t believe in any result other than a win for Vasco, with the club advancing onto the TaƧa Rioā€™s final.




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