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Vasco vs Bahia – Copa do Brasil : This break for the World Cup was very important

so that the manager that recently arrived at Vasco

Could have the opportunity of putting things in order. The team had really been dropping in terms of performance, and now they will need new horizons on this 2nd semester of the Brazilian football.

One of Vasco’s ambition was the World Cup, because the prize pool is high and because it is a short-term competition, which means the pretensions for themselves are more ambitious.

However, the loss on the 1st leg by 3-0 makes things a little bit trickier. Vasco will have to win by 4 or more goals in order to advance and they will look for strengths to do the impossible here.

Latest matches – VASCO:
13.06.18 SRA Internacional vs Vasco 3-1
09.06.18 SRA Vasco vs Sport Recife 3-2
06.06.18 SRA Cruzeiro vs Vasco 1-1

02.06.18 SRA Vasco vs Botafogo 1-2
30.05.18 SRA Vasco vs Paraná 1-0

Latest matches – BAHIA:
07.07.18 COP Bahia vs Sampaio CorrĂŞa 0-0
04.07.18 COP Sampaio CorrĂŞa vs Bahia 1-0

26.06.18 COP Bahia vs Ceará 0-0
21.06.18 COP Ceará vs Bahia 0-1
13.06.18 SRA Bahia vs Corinthians 1-0

I don’t know how much the loss of the Copa Nordeste will affect Bahia’s campaign at this stage of the season.

The team was the big favourite to winning the competition and they saw a team with less expression winning the title inside their own home.

Now, the focus is advancing here. With an advantage in their favour, Bahia has to play a smart game, not feel the pressure and play correctly to administrate their large advantage.

If they drop the ball and feel desperate as the game goes by, their rival will certainly look to score, which would leave Bahia on a very uncomfortable situation.

The manager Ederson Moreira is known for setting up good defences, so because of that, I see Bahia having great chances of advancing despite being pressured by Vasco.

Vasco vs Bahia – Betting Tip and Prediction:

I think this should be a match with a lot of goalscoring chances. Vasco needs to revert a large disadvantage they have, and with that, the focus has to be completely on the attack.

Their defence didn’t show a lot of confidence throughout the season, and the fact that Bahia has the counter-attack in their favour, I see clear chances of this match being a high-scoring one.



Over 1.5 goals


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