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NBA continues to be on a hectic pace on this pre-season and on the past week, another great move on the NBA market agitated the NBA fans around the world. This time the bombastic news was the trade between the Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder, involving Chris Paul and Russel Westbrook.

NBA: Another strong duo is formed for the new season

After a set of crazy weeks recently, on this past Wednesday we could see that nothing is definitive before the season kicks off.

We already had Kevin Durant and Irving going to Brooklyn, Davis forming a partnership with LeBron James in Los Angeles, and still having as local rivals Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Unexpected trade between Rockets and Thunder in the NBA

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Honestly, I thought that the most impactful period had past, but I was surprised with the news that Russel Westbrook is headed to Houston to play alongside James Harden (again).

But that is not it: besides the move of the shooter, the trade would involve another shocking news: the trade involved no less than Chris Paul.

Firstly, Westbrook’s departure from Oklahoma was considered to be very likely, especially after the departure of Paul George, weakening the team even more for next season.

The shooter personally requested to be traded, and it was only up to the Thunder to know where they were going to send him to, and how they could benefit from the deal.

That’s where the Rockets came in, offering Chris Paul, that, we must agree, is a great player, and still two first round picks, on the years of 2024 and 2026, and also the right of swapping positions with the Rockets in the draft on the 2021 and 2025 seasons.

For OKC it was a great deal, since they couldn’t hold on to Westbrook, and they didn’t see a scenario that would favour them.

They will mount a team around Chris Paul, I’m sure of that, and they still gained several picks for the upcoming drafts, on the deals with the Houston Rockets and the LA Clippers.

Right now, it may seem like OKC has drowned, but let’s remind that at the start of the decade, they had on their roster Kevin Durant, Russel Westbrook and James Harden as a 6th man.

With so many draft picks, I expect that, with a good analysis, they might be able to mount a great team for the near future and return as one of the biggest strengths in the league.

For the Rockets it was excellent

Since the news said that Chris Paul didn’t have a good environment with his teammates and that he had some problems with James Harden.

Although CP3 and the Houston Rockets denied each time they were asked about a trade option, it was clear that it was the player’s desire and especially the franchise’s desire as well.

Now the team gains another player with a lot of quality, elevating even more the strength of a group that constantly reaches the decisive stages. Now the question is: How will two selfish players like Harden and Westbrook play on the same team?

I will wait for the answer throughout the season, but I’m certain of one thing: the best players have to play, always! For the Rockets to earn next season NBA, the value of odd hits on the bookies like Bet365 is around 8.00.

Who comes into next season the strongest?

The big debate now is who consolidated their spot as the strongest team in the NBA for next season. On that analysis I also put two teams that have faced off on the last play-offs: Golden State Warriors and LA Clippers.

Despite the victory of the team from Oakland, the Clippers were already showing a good performance, especially on the attack, and they’ve won twice, even against Durant.

Now, the Clippers have gained Leonard and George, and adding them to a good group, might turn the Clippers into the biggest strength of the upcoming season.

lebron destaque

As for GSW, they have lost Durant, and they’ve also lost Thompson for a large portion of the season. They were still looking for Russel from the Nets, but I don’t believe they will maintain the same level.

Fighting for the spot of favourites alongside the Clippers are the Rockets, that bought Westbrook and, adding to Harden, they have a very competitive group of players, with a lot of power.

And we also have the Lakers, that count with James and now Davis and still Kyle Kuzma, closing out with Cousins and Danny Green, strengthening their rotation a bit more.

What about the Nets?

They definitely come with a lot more strength, and they are very well capable of improving the good campaign of last season.

With Irving they will have a lot more technical quality, adding to DeAndre Jordan inside. But i think they will only get into the fight next season, when Durant is added to the roster.

durant irving artigo

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We still have some good teams that maintained most of their roster, like the Bucks, Sixers and Jazz. In my opinion this season has potential to be one of the best ever in the league.

We have a lot of quality teams and a lot of players excited to perform on their new cities. We’ll guide you step by step with a lot of analysis and basketball predictions for the NBA next season.




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