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Today we are here to speak about a simple topic and the ones to blame are the ones who ask me to talk about the current topics. On these past two weeks, I was approached by several bettors asking if they should trust on the new tipsters that keep appearing or not.

Trendy tipsters in sports betting

Nothing better than serving as an “inspiration” to once again discuss a topic that is becoming a bigger talking point amongst the betting universe.

Trendy tipsters were what I called them, and it has a purpose, but without malice, of course, although I think it is a good metaphor to describe the current panorama of these tipsters that keep appearing nowadays.

Nothing better than approaching this question then, without malice, but facing it as a true reality of these days.

Defining these trendy tipsters

Firstly, I should explain why I gave them this “nickname”. I utilized it because this is a trendy topic these days, it is fashionable to follow the “new kid on the block” with tremendous profits.

As I’ve said, people follow trends, be it on sneakers, clothing, restaurants and even accessories.

These trendy tipsters work in the exact same way: the word gets spread and suddenly everyone follows him because he is simply “on fire”, with profit after profit and who doesn’t want that, easy profit, everyone wants it right?

There are several platforms such as Telegram, Facebook groups or WhatsApp groups, but everyone is there quickly, chasing the accurate predictions of the trendy tipster.

Should we follow him?

Of course we should, but only until he gets his first losses.

Obviously, there is no harm in following a tipster when he “is hot”, but when he starts losing, we have to understand that it is not a good idea to blindly follow a “trendy tipster”, because we don’t know if he can survive a “bad run” or if we have enough bankroll to afford his bad run of

Everything has a certain logic and I honestly think that we should have some common sense, understanding and knowing what we should do and when we should (or shouldn’t) trust somebody.

Should we follow him?

Those tipsters still have a very small track record, no one can really know their actual value during a whole season. I advise you to follow but when the “reds” appear, you should wait and see, okay?

Wait and see when the reds come because that is the only way for you to find out of that trendy tipster is a valuable one.

Cautions to have on this situation

I’ve already warned you for one of the main aspects to take into consideration when following a trendy tipster, because it is especially common for them to go on very negative streaks and slaughter bankrolls very quickly. That will be the main caution to keep in mind when following them, but there are more.

Normally, the tipster is associated with some sort of “product” or bookmaker or even courses or a premium group. The most dangerous case is when they start talking about communal bankrolls, but we’ll get there!

If one of these Tipsters offers you more than simply tips, you should be suspicious because that looks very shady and their service might not be that good or offer that good of a profitability.

Cautions to have on this situation

At the end of the day, their tips aren’t good enough for them to get known, and it is even worse when we speak about the communal bankrolls or those that try to “sell” you tips or bet with other people’s money.

That’s the worst scenario because there are several reports of tipsters that disappear with their communal bankrolls and leave their “clients” without any clue of what happened to their money.

You should be very careful with this sort of approach, be it from a trendy tipster or not.

Marketing utilized by them

They focus heavily on places where they can attract more people, that’s logical right?

On Instagram, with pictures of magnificent profits with odds well above what is expected.

Here, my only thought is: has the image been tampered with? Was the bet placed before the event? Those are the questions you will always need to ask on those cases.

The scenario is the same on Facebook, with groups that share only their profits and mislead their members. Think and review their posts and then analyse them regarding the time when they were made.

Marketing utilized by them

It is important not to be tricked by manipulated, rectified or edited posts that are being place at the “wrong time” on those feeds.

Telegram groups are, sometimes, the last straw, because it is easier to sort the profits and performances of the tipsters there, and that’s normally where those trendy tipsters end up faltering, with a dramatic goodbye defending concepts that they never even believed in before, and that’s the end, like a farewell to eternity (like a “tipster suicide”).

What they don’t have

One thing that these tipsters don’t have is an updated record, updated ROI or a method. They simply live off of the greens that they somehow are able to get or even “copy”, yes copy, from other groups.

I’ve already seen copies of some trendy tipsters that are in other groups or even betting tracker platforms.
Nobody is loyal on this matter, but it is heavily exploited by the trendy tipsters.

Lack of respect for the others’ tips and not having the common sense of referencing them or say where they saw them even knowing they’re not getting the true fame they desire.

The trendy tipster doesn’t care about his followers, whether they’re losing money or if they’re just tailing for fun.

All that matters for them is getting new customers and for them to bring more friends to the circle so that they can, one way or the other, spread the word and with that gain even more money.

The ones that last

Yes, they exist, and normally the 1% that stays and prove that they deserve to be called tipsters have quality.

These tipsters go through “hell”, but they stick around and that’s when we see the ones that are here to stay, with no fear of the “reds” or the “poor runs” and without trying to sell other products.

The ones that have nothing to hide show their records, ROI’s and they even explain how they do it and how they approach the matches they bet on. Normally this kind of tipsters know that their credibility is on their record or in their performance or consistency in sports betting.

The ones that last

The idea is only general, a lot of people get carried away while others only see and follow their work at distance while some others do everything they can to spread the word.

The main aspect regarding the trendy tipsters is that we should be careful and wait for his record. Quick achievements, brutal screenshots or huge odds aren’t for everyone and they don’t happen every day.

Be very careful about being “tricked” and try to understand the posts that those tipsters make regularly, always doubt what you’re seeing.

My biggest advice is just giving it time, let the tipster mature as I’ve previously said but it is true.

The trends that last are the truly good ones, that people really enjoy.

It is the same thing on the case of tipsters: people either like the way they work or not and that’s not because of the
screenshots of huge victories or huge odds.

Their idea is becoming a big brand or performing very well so that their image or brand lasts over time, just like in the fashion world.

That is very real and almost confusing but it’s so true… If a tipster wants to last, he has to show his value naturally
and he has to be lucky in the sense that people must like his approach, which is not easy.

The trends that last are the truly good ones, that people really enjoy.

I hope that with this article I can draw your attention to what’s happening these days and I’d say, it’s more of the same, only this time the propaganda is more assertive, because the most used method is word-of-mouth.

Word-of-mouth is more difficult to not believe on even because it was most likely a friend of yours that gave you the advice of following the new “Ronaldo” of tennis betting!

That’s it for today, you should always doubt these trendy tipsters and honestly, hope for them to become more mature and even if it’s a trend, make sure it lasts for a long time or even forever.

Only one more note, you should be suspicious about everything, try to prove everything you see or everything that is offered to you for free and never forget to check the “timeline” of things while you check if the trend is here to stay.

Good luck and happy betting! See you on the next article that is coming soon and always feel free to ask away any questions you might have.

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