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The Patriots’ quarterback is one of the most beautiful storylines of the sport and especially the NFL. He played on this team for 20 years, having gotten several hugely important titles, and we have to highlight that he arrived as a complete unknown on the, not even being picked on the 1st round of the draft in the year 2000.

6 Super Bowls for a 6th round draft pick… Not bad

Tom Brady started playing for the New England Patriots 20 years ago as one of the 6th round draft picks, more precisely being the 199th player to be picked that year. Naturally, nobody expected him to become the star that would win 6 Super Bowls and become a living legend of the franchise and the sport.

Tom Brady leaves the New England Patriots

The Patriots had never won any Super Bowl title before his arrival and the truth is that he is leaving them with 6 copies of the most important title of the NFL after a quick rise that turned him into one of the main references of the sport.

At 42 years of age, the player finally made the decision off leaving the franchise where he earned his space and became a legend of American football, now being able to negotiate as a free agent to join a different team.

Brady thanked the fans and will always be a Patriot

When it was time to say goodbye, Tom Brady thanked the team, fans and city itself for everything they’ve given him over the course of 20 years, highlighting the “winning culture” that he found “based on great values”. The American player – married to the model Gisele Bundchen since 2009 – said that he will always be a Patriot and that he will never be able
to forget the two decades of success that he went through in New England.

Naturally, it couldn’t be any other way. When a player stands out this way and adds a great set of titles for a team that was far from them, he couldn’t go away unnoticed, but he had to go out as an hero that made an entire city dream and made history in one of the most important sports for the North-American people.

The Patriots will have a void to fill in the next couple of years, but they can find comfort on the great memories the club left on the city, because before his arrival the franchised had never won a Super Bowl, and now they count with 6 on their trophy cabinet.

A new challenge to extend his career

With an advanced age, it is normal that Tom Brady has decided to give a new course to his career in the sense of trying to prolong it for a couple more years, now receiving an adrenaline and motivation injection with this change.

Two decades playing for the same team compromise your motivation, especially after having made history for that team and maybe this change is important for this final stage of his career. The fact he left the Patriots and became a free agent also contributed towards this desire of change since it opens up space for a ridiculous contract, because we will
have several teams fighting for him and the highest bidder will probably be the one that takes him.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be his next destination

But we didn’t have to wait too long for the announcement of his next team. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have reached an agreement with the mythical quarterback that should start receiving something like 30 million dollars annually. This is a franchise that appeared about 20 years after the creation of the New England Patriots and that, so far in their history, have only won the Super Bowl once.

That way, it is clear that the team is looking to recover the title-winning way and Tom Brady can be important for several reasons. He is still an interesting player that can bring quality to the team. On the other hand, his reputation might help the team convince other players to join their cause and his projection within the sport can also bring in sponsors and extra visibility to a team that is looking to return to the spotlight.

This is a team that was very strong and competitive in the decades between 1980 and 2010. However, they have been away from the decisive games for more than a decade, having failed to reach the play-offs since 2007, which means they haven’t been able to go past the first stage of the competition for 13 years.

This can be a good opportunity for them to start a new cycle in their history, after already having been a very acknowledged team and the arrival of Tom Brady can bring them back to the spotlight. The simple news that one of the legends of the sport might have joined the Bucs already puts them on that situation, because wherever Brady goes, the press will follow.





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