The UFC Fight Island location has finally been unveiled: Abu Dhabi Prediction

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The famous Fight Island, often described by Dana White, is now ready, and it will be hosting events soon. The location is Abu Dhabi and it will serve to host events with athletes from outside the United States.


UFC was the first big event during the COVID-19 pandemic. With everything paralyzed since the beginning of march, due to the outbreak of the disease, the difficulty of any sporting competition advancing was clear.

Dana White himself fought some battles with political leaders from the United States, so that the UFC could be the first big sporting event returning. After some negatives and even a last-minute cancellation, on UFC 249, that would take place at an indigenous reserve in California, the president finally accomplished what he wanted.

Since the beginning of May, there have already been 5 events, inclusively with a title defence. However, the cards’ setup has been very limited, since the international flights for the United States are limited and foreigners have strict rules to enter the country.

Dana White had already confirmed the “fight island” that would be outside North America, precisely to offer better conditions of hosting their events. Now, the president will have the opportunity to bring great fighters who are based outside of the USA and can’t be part of the events right now.

Dana White finally did it and his fight island is ready to host these spectacular events. The schedule for the cards on this new location should be out until next week and everyone has got their eyes on Abu Dhabi.


As it was said previously, the United States have a strong restriction regarding people who are out of the country tight now, and that makes it very difficult for the UFC to make their events. Besides the limitation on international flights, those who come into the country have to take a COVID-19 test and stay in quarantine, which makes it impossible to train and prepare for the fights.

The Fight Island appeared as the brand’s opportunity to have big names from outside the country featured on great events again. Abu Dhabi is in the United Arab Emirates, the biggest country in the Emirates. In terms of geography, they contain over 200 islands and now one of them will be hosting the UFC.

On the Middle Eastern country there aren’t strict restrictions regarding international fights and the entrance of foreigners. They still have to take the test to check for the disease, but quarantine isn’t mandatory.

The Fight Island will be ready to host UFC events already in the end of this month of July and the expectation is that it might already include a title fight on the main event right on the debut. Abu Dhabi already hosted UFC events, with the most recent one being in September of last year, when Khabib Nurmagomedov defended the lightweight title, which might happen now again between June and July.


Dana White is a true magician, when it comes to organizing UFC events. We can’t deny that the president knows how to sell his product very well and he ends up having every media organization talking about it and even creating expectations regarding the fights.

Last week, Dana said that the events on the Fight Island will have a sequence between the end of June and the end of July, but he still
hadn’t announced every fight. However, the president gave some cues regarding some fights that might be taking place during that period.

A Brazilian “trilogy” might be part of the card. The fight between Shogun and Minotauro can really take place, and it’s already leaving Brazilian fans ecstatic. Besides that, there are still rumours about a clash between Dustin Poirier, former interim lightweight champion, and Dan Hooker.

Other fights should appear, like the one between the middleweight former champion Robert Whittaker and the challenger Darren Till. We should also still see the Brazilian Bethe Pitbull taking on Pannie Kiazad, at bantamweight.

An expectation regarding the return of the champion Khabib Nurmagomedov is also gaining strength. Dana White still hasn’t discussed it, since Khabib was also supposed to fight on the UFC reopening, but according to him, he had no way of leaving his country.

The Fight Island is ready, being UFC’s new home outside of the United States and having the chance of bringing big names in MMA back to the octagon. The fans are already waiting for a great fight, anticipating it, and now we just need an official statement from Dana White.





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