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According to news coming from England, the English clubs, alongside with the organizers of the competitions, are planning to return to training in May. The matches could return during the month of July, in case the scenario starts to improve in the country.


There still isn’t a miraculous solution for the clubs to be able to surpass the recommendations of the World Health Organization and also the local authorities. Right now, it is not possible to walk around in the streets of Europe, without the huge risk of being infected with COVID-19.

The return of the Premier League after the crisis

While this scenario isn’t improving, the clubs are planning strategies to be able to follow the footsteps of the Germans, and return to training, even if it is on special conditions.

The most recent information come from the British newspaper Mirror, that states the desire of the clubs of making some sort of pre-season in May. During this period of training, the clubs would have more control over the athletes, which they monitor daily, and would test through machines implemented on the training centres, if they are infected with the virus or not.

If these conditions are confirmed, and the testing period works out well, the expectation is that the competition returns, behind closed doors, in the first week of June. It still seems we are very far from that return, but it’s worth to remind that the previously we expected that the competitions wouldn’t even return in the 2019/2020 season.

According to British media, the clubs are being heavily pressured for the conclusion of the season, especially because of the TV rights, that represent a big portion of their revenue. For that, the Premier League would have to conclude the remaining rounds, so that the clubs could receive on the next season, the amount according to their performance on the previous season, which takes into consideration the final position each of the clubs occupied at the end of last season.

With 9 rounds to go until the end of the competition, Liverpool has 1 hand on the trophy, having 82 points conquered, 25 more than Manchester City, who are in 2nd place. The fight for the European spots should be exciting, because Chelsea, Manchester United and Wolves are fighting for the last spot in the Champions League and the only spot in the Europa League.


The Premier League executives are still discussing the viability of several measures, to accelerate the return of the competition and to make sur it is concluded in due time. The idea is that the teams will have to make some sacrifices, even physically speaking, in order for the competition to be concluded. One of the ideas is making a true marathon of matches each day, and the stage would be the great Wembley Stadium, in London.

According to news from the English media, the FA offered Wembley and also offered the St. George’s Park, where the English national team usually have their trainings at. With that, the clubs would play up to 4 matches per day on the chosen location, in order to speed up the conclusion of the schedule and to spare the teams the long trips.

Both locations would be very convenient in a certain way, taking into consideration their geographical location and also the hotel that usually hosts the national team, having more than 220 rooms available and that would end up making it easier for the teams involved. The FA stated that both locations are at the league’s disposal, that they would just have to make the request.

This decision would have to be made soon, since the same organizers are planning for the start of the 2020/2021 season still in August. With this scenario, this “festival of matches” would be essential, because it would speed up the conclusion of the competition and would avoid longer travels for the clubs, that way avoiding the risk of contracting the virus.

If the return on the first week of June is confirmed, the dates can be fulfilled with ease. With that idea of utilizing the St. George’s Park and Wembley, the process should be much easier, even for the TV broadcasts, that generally recruit dozens of professionals to organize the event. With that, the structure would be setup on a single location and less professionals would have to be recruited.


For us, sports’ fans and bettors who live off the big leagues, this is heart-warming news. We may have a festival of great matches and, as it stands, a marathon of broadcasted matches.

We hope this is not some more news who are forbidden by the authorities a couple of days later due to lack of security conditions in the country. The community that loves sports and especially football is counting the days for these events to return.





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