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Those who glance at the title of the article might be surprised and maybe not agree right now, but you can be sure that some time within the world of sports betting will make you understand that it is true. The higher percentage within a “consistent” trajectory comes off an aligned and disciplined mindset.


And this concept is true for both the newbie bettors, the intermediate ones and especially the professional bettors.

We’ll talk a bit about that for each stage the bettor might be in.


Thinking about mindset is nowhere near the heads of these bettors. Because most of the times they just want to “bet for fun” and try to win some extra money for the weekend. But during this stage, they will lose a lot more money than what they win. And where does the mindset come in during this period?

Well it comes in when he stops and thinks: Should I give up or find ways to improve my performance?

Previously, there wasn’t so much content at our disposal to guide us on that decision. That was god on one hand, because we didn’t have so much bad things on the market, which means, content that doesn’t help anyone and instead just hampers us.

Well and back then understanding was slower and on average, a focused bettor took 3 years to reach methods that made him start earning money at the end of that process.


Nowadays, if they follow a correct plan, they are able to be consistent after a season, and that will be even more perfected with time.

Maintaining the mindset and not “tilting” during this initial stage is important. Because if constant mistakes happen, the bettor will never have a work method to follow. And they will give up.

And it is then that some essential concepts on the career are established, such as:

Finding out the work method that he will follow, patience to continue and understanding that reds are part of the business¸ defining bankroll management and knowing how to filter content that add to their work, etc.

Surely, without aligning all of that and having discipline on these situations, the bettor will struggle to reach the next level.


As time goes by on this profession, the correct mindset is something more and more important to have. Because we keep making evaluations to confirm if what is being made is the best thing to do.

On that level, after your work method is defined, good Bankroll Management is something very important to not throw it all away.

Some bettors, for thinking they are consistent and that nothing wrong will happen, get careless or want to leverage their bankroll, blindly trusting continuous winning bets and with that they step away from their pre-defined management plan.

That is a mistake and it is proof that the problem isn’t always on the operational portion. Having the psychological control is becoming more and more important as I’ve said in the start of the article.


I want to remind that a sports bettor is never consistent for a certain period, he simply is (or isn’t) consistent. And that can change with a simple mistake.

Well, another important aspect that we should manage on this stage is time management. Taking another step on our career leads us to more responsibilities, schedules, fatigue, commitments being made.

Can you take on the responsibilities? A lot of times saying NO is essential in this process. And continuing with sports betting as a second source of income is the best thing to do.

Take it easy, continue evolving, perfect your method without starting from scratch and you will surely know the right time to step into the next level.


Before anything, what is a professional Bettor?

I understand that a professional, on any area, is the one that professionalizes his actions and has tools to perform that work in the best possible way. And consequently, he is financially rewarded for it.

To reach this stage, the bettor must have knowledge, understanding and experience on the job. Nowadays this term professional is vulgarized in sports betting and anyone is called a professional in a wrong way.

But let’s advance… Where does the mindset come in at this level?

We must say that on this level is where we must monitor ourselves at every moment. Can novice bettors make mistakes? Yes, because he is still starting out…

profissional raul

Can the intermediate bettors also make mistakes? Yes, because he is developing his work still… What about professional bettors, can they make mistakes?

Yes, they can make mistakes. However, a mistake at this stage can lead to great consequences. From the financial to the psychological part, because at this level people already have sports betting as a main source of income in most cases, having a reputation in the universe of betting, already having people who follow them, who trust them, who try to copy him, etc. and therefore the mindset aspect is very important.

At this stage, the bettor can’t doubt whether he is doing the right or wrong thing. He will surely have contradictory opinions, but the answer should be ready: “I respect your own betting method, but this is mine!”


This sentence should be the answer whenever you are questioned. Obviously we have to evolve, but that is something that should be done with a standard and not only based on an opinion. There are a lot of variables that can be good for someone and bad for you. Or vice versa.

The mindset concept is very broad. And there are a lot of other things we might add on this matter. But with time, we will align all of them here with you.

And keep in mind that clicking is the last step of the process. It is an importante step, yes! But before that, there are a lot of other
aspects we have to align.

I hope you’ve enjoyed, greetings and let’s keep moving forward.

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