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This is a current topic, but it is also a timeless one: the good old betting tracker, that besides being our only and most important tool, can be used for a lot more than that.

The importance of a betting tracker

That’s why I bring you this article today, to show you that a betting tracker can be useful for a lot more than “guiding you” through your own betting method. As usual, this will be my personal opinion and obviously, I will explain it by topics, as you’re already used to.

To record your bets, you can always use a simple excel spreadsheet on your computer and utilize the several platforms and software that are available for free (or not) in the internet, you just need to google it!

Launching the topic: a betting tracker besides helping us with our bankroll management and finetune our method, is useful for many reasons, so let’s get to it!

Bankroll management

Obviously the first one to mention is for me the most important one, bankroll management, which should ALWAYS be considered through your betting tracker.

A good betting tracker can and should help you enforce your method and good bankroll management.

Knowing if you are going through a poor run, adjusting your stake and having methods to adjust to what you’re seeing on your tracker is a great help when trying to be profitable at the end of the month or season.

Bankroll management with a good betting tracker on the side helps guiding you in the best possible way.

bankroll 555

The best way for you to check how you’re doing in the betting world is your betting tracker combined with your bankroll management.

I’ll make an interesting comparison. Remember the fire triangle? Without one of those elements, we have no fire, right?

Well, I’d say that the “betting triangle” is this one right here  Betting tracker – bankroll management – stake plan!

Bankroll management is becoming more and more important these days and without a betting tracker to go alongside with it, forget about, because you won’t be able to take advantage of the full potential of what it offers to you.

Veracity of the tracker

Truth above all, I’ve always heard that saying. In the world of betting these days, everything is questioned. No one trusts anyone, in fact, a lot of people always call our work into question.

I’d say that we are always under trial. It is not aimlessly that when we go through a “poor run”, those attacks come out of nowhere, but when we are winning big, then they go silent and say nothing at all.

Telling the truth and nothing more is showing your track record, and if it is a certified one, even better, because let’s face it, an excel spreadsheet is very suspicious as well and a reason for disagreements.


Showing a valid and certified track record is a way of validating your work as tipsters and of course, if by any chance you’re selling your tips, it is the “proof” that you know what you’re doing.

Truth is important in the world of betting, obviously, at least for those that worry about it because for example, I don’t believe that any betting newbie or that has just started winning some money worries about this aspect.

A betting tracker only verifies the truthfulness of your work, but I confess that it is not only useful for Tipsters who are trying to sell tips or are part of a sports betting service.

Betting credibility

There is no veracity without credibility. It is not enough to just believe on the truth seeing it through a good
betting tracker, but instead offering credibility to your work and of course subsequently to your betting method.

Giving credit is giving confidence to your bets, once again, useful for those that are selling picks/tips, whatever you prefer to call it, but also for sharing reasons. The credibility mirrored on a betting track record is a good way of showcasing that guy that shares his bets.


It is important to not only show your wins, but also your losses. Knowing how to showcase it and gain some credibility in the eye of the public as a tipster is also a very good way to create a relationship with your customer base for example.

In my opinion, I’m more concerned about the losses of the people I follow than the countless greens they display. I prefer to know how they deal with losses than with victories, I must confess.

Competence in betting

Obviously, a beautiful betting tracker displays competence to those who have it and showcase it. Boasting a good betting track record, with an acceptable and decent ROI is another aspect to help us on today’s topic.

Showing through a record of how well we’ve dealt with a poor run, controlling the bankroll and the stakes, and showing that to those that look at our record transmits confidence and shows veracity and credibility.

As you can see, everyone has a connecting “link” and a train of thought, and it is the same in betting.

Once again, showing competence is not only for those that are selling tips but also for those that share the for free, because it is a good storefront for those that follow you to understand if you’re good at it or not.

Record’s honesty

After all these aspects we’ve approached, we’ve reached the last ones. There might even be some more, but these are the more important ones for us, although we still have to talk about…

Honesty, that’s what’s missing in the world of online betting. You see everything these days. Purchases, sales, problems with the bookmakers, people that fool other people, guys that sell fixed matches… well, basically anything.

But honesty is something simple and that all of you can see through a good betting tracker.


Through a betting track record, you know that tipster/person is honest with you. How? Simply, always using the same bookmaker for example.

Not chasing higher odds just to try and manipulate the results. There are so many examples that you can see on a
betting tracker to verify the honesty of the tipster/person.

Well, look at that, I’ve written tipster/person on purpose. Why you ask? Yes, my betting friends, behind a tipster is a real person, and if that person isn’t trustworthy and honest, the tipster will be the same! You should always have that in mind!


Now I turn into those that bet, for those that don’t sell anything and don’t have that objective in the future. A betting track record is your mirror as bettors. You might even look at those darker periods as the most beautiful part of betting.

I’ve mentioned a mirror because it fully reflects your day-to-day work and it also shows your imperfections.

I’ll offer you an advice here: All of you, in the morning or at some point during the day, will look yourself in the mirror, even if it is just to comb your hair or even just a glance after washing your hands or face. Right?


Do the same with your betting track record. Always look at it whenever you can, and you’ll see that you can extract a lot from it and understand even more things with what you’re doing and recording.

It sounds ridiculous but is the purest of truths. Me, for example, I do it at least once a week, normally on Monday, to see what I’ve been doing
Then, on the international breaks, I do it in more detail, but I really go in depth on it. I usually make some adjustments and plan for what’s to come. But I’ve already mentioned that previously.

Test Drive

This is a concept that I’ve snatched from the automotive world, but that perfectly serves our purpose in the betting universe. A good betting tracker is just like a tipster’s test drive.

Knowing how he acts in terms of his bets and how he reacts to results or to the market is a good tool for those that follow him or his work.

Knowing how he behaves, you can even “simulate” the tipster’s performance according to your bankroll and your desired stake.

As I said, it’s a true test drive you can do to the tipster and test him out on his best and worst form, of course always looking at his track record.

test drive

It’s such a simple thing, but it tells you a lot. Besides helping the tipster, it can, and it definitely helps his followers. Notice how something so simple, yet laborious, can be your showroom both as a tipster and even as a person, in the present and the future.

It seems like we’ve found the “Holy Grail” of sports betting, and I’m certain that if we could personify our betting track record, we would obviously try to befriend him, and have it help us.

I expect you to understand the idea that I’ve tried to transmit with this article and that put some thought into your own betting track record. Sometimes, that time we spend recording everything, will be a blessing in the future or even in the present.

I want to highlight once again that you should look at the full picture and not only partially, and a betting track record is definitely a good summary of a tipster, not only a part of it.

That’s it for today. Good luck with your bets and we’ll see you around. Good luck!

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