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It was more than a decade at the highest level of women’s tennis, but the talented Danish player Caroline Wozniacki recently announced her retirement from the sport at 29 years of age, in order to pursuit new life objectives.

A super competitor

For the more distracted from the universe of high competition female tennis, Caroline Wozniacki was an example of dedication and commitment on court during the 14 years she played on the WTA circuit.


With a very good and very consistent backhand, the Danish tennis player always struggled with her forehand, lacking the necessary acceleration power to bother the game of her opponents and, because of that, she always needed to work extra hard to win a lot of her encounters.

Her commitment on court was different from other more talented players, but with less spirit of sacrifice on court and that’s why she won 30 WTA titles, leading the world rankings for more than 50 weeks and still having won 1 Grand Slam, the Australian Open in 2018.

But why has the Danish decided to abandon the sport after next year’s Australian Open? Well, here is where the issue of motherhood comes in on high competition sports.

Was that the main reason for what happened, or has Wozniacki decided to embrace other professional projects?

In fact, now she might be able to balance a potential maternity with her upcoming life objectives.

Are marriage and rheumatoid arthritis valid reasons?

Caroline Wozniacki explained what the reasons behind this decision are, indicating the marriage with the former New York Knicks’ basketballer David Lee as an “eye-opener” for an entire world to explore in the future.

Besides that, she also added that she will explore the aspect of rheumatoid arthritis potentially studying within that field and being able to help out other people with those kind of problems in the near future.

In any case, and although I consider all of those justifications perfectly valid, I believe that other of the aspects behind this option might have been the accumulated fatigue of so many years at the highest level, always under a lot of
physical and psychological pressure.

In fact, the Danish player is now following the footsteps of another great tennis player of the past couple of years in Agnieszka Radwanska.

The Pole belongs to the same generation and was always a regular presence on the WTA circuit with a very consistent style of tennis, but very tiring too.

About 2 years ago, she shocked world tennis when she announced her retirement and now, she seems to have lead the way for others, like Wozniacki, to follow her footsteps.

Australian Open will be the perfect stage for her goodbye

Melbourne Park hosts the first big tennis event of the season right in the month of January and that will be the perfect occasion for Caroline Wozniacki to bid farewell to the courts.

For now, she will continue working to try and be in the best conditions for the Grand Slam where she accomplished what has clearly been the biggest achievement of her career.

Wozniacki led the WTA rankings during a large period of her career.


However, she was always criticized by some experts due to the fact that she was only able to do it thanks to victories in lesser importance tournaments and it has certainly been a relief for the Danish player when she finally won a Grand Slam in 2018.

To go a bit further, I’d even say that title might have opened up the doors for a retirement, since she achieved what was the great obsession of her career.

Now, it is time to say goodbye on the stage where she climbed to the top of the tennis world, but her chances of closing out her career with another title are low according to Bet365 and other bookmakers that offer odds of 25.00for her to win the Australian Open for the 2nd time in her career.

Dominika Cibulkova is another important loss

This was a somewhat painful end of the season for the fans of female tennis since the “short” Slovak Dominika Cibulkova announced her retirement.

In that case, the athletic player from Bratislava was somewhat forced to abandon the sport due to a serious injury on her Achilles tendon.


At 30 years of age and with an injury that proved to be more problematic than it was initially expected, Cibulkova opted to retire instead of risking her physical condition and take risks of having more serious problems in the future.

She didn’t reach the competitive levels of the Danish player, never managing to win a Grand Slam.

However, she was in the top 10 several times and was always a very well-respected player on court, because just like Wozniacki, she was highly competitive, never giving up on any point in a tennis match.

Thank you to both for the excellent tennis moments they’ve provided us!





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