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Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos – Taiwanese Basketball League Betting Tips

Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos – Taiwanese Basketball League – After excellent first and second stages from Taiwan Beer

Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos – That lead us into believing that the team would easily clinch the title of the Taiwanese league,

here we see that the Yulon Luxgen Dinos have surprised everyone and opened up a 2-0 lead in the finals against almost every prediction.

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The Dinos have made a campaign where they had finished in 2nd place during the first stage and they’ve had a 2nd stage where they’ve finished in 3rd place and with more or less difficulty they’ve managed to win the semi-final match and find this Taiwan Beer side on the grand finals.

Taiwan Beer have won both stages before this final and they’re now only waiting for the team that they would have to face in the final, but these finals have been proving much more difficult than expected.

The Dinos have shown a lot of will and ambition and they’ve shown they didn’t come into this final just to play for pride, and this initial advantage puts a lot of problems on Taiwan Beer who will now have to comeback on a tie against a complicated opponent that is heavily motivated.

Beer are now playing at home after a loss at this same arena against Dinos on Game 1 and they’ve gotten another loss on the road in Game 2, after being in the lead for more than 10 points during the 2nd quarter and where they’ve allowed a run of more than 10 points,

which allowed the Dinos to get back into the game and eventually win the game, and therefore they can’t even think about winning this 3rd game.

My bet will be on Beer to win because I don’t imagine the best team in the league losing 3 consecutive games in the final against a team that is clearly inferior.

I believe that a victory here will catapult Taiwan Beer towards a comeback that allows them to clinch this title.
Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos – Betting Tip and Prediction:

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Taiwan Beer vs Yulon Luxgen Dinos – Betting Tips: :

The odds are around 1.50 much due to the two previous losses since in the first game at home on these finals,

they had odds of around 1.20 in the first game and therefore, I think we should take advantage of them because I really don’t believe that they will get 3-0’d, even more considering they’re playing at home.

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