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Things aren’t easy, are they? Maybe it’s because really supposed to be a challenge to our abilities of staying patient and resilient. And even creative. Well, here are a couple more tips so you can get through this period in the best possible way.


1 – I know it is starting to become difficult to know what to do with our energy but let us understand that the post-covid will bring times of great sacrifice and labour. We will have to put our life, our country and our world in normality so let us take the opportunity to rest. The idea is not to become lethargic but, like the bears that hibernate until spring, let us take the opportunity to recharge our batteries.

The rest of our lives reserve for us a battle that is still unknown. Let us take the opportunity to rest and sleep well (7 or 8 hours of repairing sleep, trying to keep the same schedule in line with our circadian rhythm).

2 – After two or three weeks of confinement, it may seem complicated to regulate emotions. We may be more irritable or unstable, but it is under our control. Stress is something that knocks down our immune system and if there’s one thing we don’t want at this time it’s that. Let’s learn to relativize. Arguing about non-important subjects right now isn’t that important. If there’s one thing we have to learn from all this, it’s to give importance only to what is important: life!

3 – Still within the matter of mental sanity, living alone or with the family, it is important to take half an hour or an hour for an introspective moment. Yoga or meditation, a moment in which we focus on ourselves, our breathing, our thoughts. Turn to your partner and say: “I need my 30 minutes”! To clean the system, to abstract from the times we live in, to enter our world. Only then we gain space on our hard drive to put in more files.

4 – Since Psychiatry is the one that has the right to prescribe drugs to help sleep, Psychology has used some more technological recipes to induce the same for a long time. White noise and brain waves have been studied in order to help people enter hypnotic states that lead to relaxation and sleep. If you want to read more about this, read this article on brain waves. If you want an example of this hypnotic rain, here you go:

5 – Several studies point out the relationship between the lack of vitamin D with the existence of psychological problems such as depression, schizophrenia or anxiety.


6 – Something we have to protect but not let atrophy are our lungs. It may sound strange, but the truth is we can forget to air the house. To let in the oxygen which, along with glucose, is the fuel for our brain to function properly. We can also do some nebulisations or homemade vaporizations, with boiling water, ginger, honey, lemon, eucalyptus, sage. Let’s turn our house into a Turkish bath. We can even imagine that we’re on a trip to some distant hot springs.

7 – Taking advantage of the topic of trips, let’s stimulate the imagination. Two or three times a week, alone or with company, go out to dinner. And that doesn’t mean leaving home. It means seeing different recipes (Italian, Chinese, Indian, Mexican, whatever), cooking for two and then enjoying an outing without anyone else in the restaurant.

8 – Often life goes by and we forget to connect with the world around us. We live in buildings and we don’t know our neighbours. Do the following: write a message to your neighbours and distribute it to the apartments in your building. Ask them if they need anything done. Invest in altruism. I don’t even care about the spiritual part. It’s the human part of helping someone who needs it.

9 – And now for those who have children: What a unique moment to stop, write lessons for your children and give life lessons. What has been passed on to us by grandparents, taught by parents, learned through life. It’s time to pass on to the little ones. We live in times when parenting has been replaced by TV and the internet. Let us take back the reins of the education of those who hold the future of humanity.

10 – Now we are stuck! But the day will come when we will have our freedom again. And we will learn how good it is to be able to travel and know more about the world. Plan trips. It may seem like a masochistic act in this moment of confinement, but the human being needs a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. We need to know that there will be a reward for our sacrifices. Have a family reunion and look at the odds. Make plans to then create new memories.

11 – We see the death toll rising by the day. And above all, the elderly. The elders of our society are the ones who disappear the most. For those who have them, contact them even more. Value them. They are the guardians of our past, of memory, of history. Call, talk, calm them down. I think a lot of people will think twice about putting their parents and grandparents in homes and hospitals when we realize they’re more vulnerable places in times like these. Caring for others is caring for ourselves.

12 – We can’t predict what professional times will be like in the post-covid. There are those who have already lost their jobs, there are those who can lose them, there are those who must change. Well, we can’t control any of that. What we control is our response. It’s our ability to be prepared. I know that we are a little averse to planning and preventing, but at the moment it is necessary to anticipate scenarios and foresee solutions. Know your strengths and talents and try to enrich your CV for new challenges.

13 – In the same way that we don’t know what the professional future will be like, it is important to learn something that should be taught to us at school: how to save and invest our money. Take the opportunity to look for solutions, of greater or lesser risk, more linked to the stock market, banks or real estate. In any case, try to learn to have your finances under control. Because what this has shown is that everything can change in the span of a few months.

14 – Summon your inner MacGyver! In other words, take advantage of these times to do everything DIY at home. At the same time, try your best to reuse materials. Be it glass, plastic, paper. Be inventive or go to YouTube to find ideas. The planet thanks you and you’ll learn a few things.

15 – Don’t be embarrassed of looking for help! I already shared and I don’t mind doing it again. There are psychologists specialized in several areas (anxiety, phobias, depression, work, family, couple). We are all in this together. No fears or taboos.

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