The Uruguayan forward is not part of the new Barcelona’s coach plans, however, he is having a hard time finding a new home. The case may even go to justice.


The big defeat suffered against Bayern in the Champions League playoffs had devastating effects at Camp Nou. Changes in the technical command, pressure on management, fans demanding a president departure, and a squad cleanage.

The center forward Luis Suárez, was one of those players who lost space with the arrival of the new coach Ronald Koeman who made it clear that the Uruguayan can look for a new home, and the striker would have been informed of that decision by phone.

The Uruguayan got furious with such disrespect for his trajectory in the club, but still would have reached an agreement with Barcelona, to give up part of what he would be receiving next season, in order to be released for free.

From then on, speculations about the Uruguayan’s new home were diverse. A possible team to welcome Suárez, would be Juventus, who tried an agreement with Cavani, and would be willing to hire Suárez, even for the ease of his departure from Barcelona. It did not happen.

Then, the most likely route was Atletico Madrid. That’s because Juventus would be able to close with the center forward Álvaro Morata, and open space for Suárez to be hired.


Barcelona went back on their verbal agreement with the striker, and made it difficult for Suárez to negotiate with Atletico. The club was not willing to strengthen a direct rival in the national competitions, and possibly in the Champions League.

The end of a relationship of years, with titles and great performances, with a melancholic and friction-filled ending.


It may seem contradictory, but Barcelona tries to save itself from Suarez’s strength, even if for them, the Uruguayan doesn’t serve. With Ronald Koeman’s decision not to count on the center forward, the club was forced to give up Suárez, and at the same time, not strengthen a rival in the fight for the titles.

The problem is that the agreement is verbal, and by word, few can be trusted. Suárez would have accepted the condition that Barcelona imposed: to free the Uruguayan, but on the condition that his next club is not Real Madrid, Manchester United, Manchester City or PSG.

Atletico Madrid was not part of this agreement, and that irritated Suárez, who said that the club didn’t comply with the deal. Barcelona have this card up their sleeve, because they will still pay part of Suárez’s salary until next year, but on the other hand, it’s locking the player’s career.


The striker is bothered because he is not in Barcelona‘s plans, and cannot play in another great team. Barcelona is limiting his options, and ends up sinking the center forward’s career.

Atletico Madrid would be a good way for Suarez, who intends to stay in Spain. The team led by Diego Simeone, however, is the second option for Suárez, who tried to come in terms with Juventus.

What stopped the deal, was the delay in the release of the Italian citizenship. The athlete would have to pass an exam, at the University of Perugia, but is being investigated for a supposed fraud in the process.


Suárez is being accused of already knowing the questions that would be asked, and even the grade he would receive in this exam. The information is from news portals such as La Repubblica, Gazzetta delo Sport, and has already reached the Spanish news through the newspaper Marca and Mundo Deportivo.

If Barcelona really doesn’t release Luis Suárez to sign with Atletico Madrid, the Uruguayan’s situation will be very uncomfortable.

Top teams, who compete in the Champions League, are making few investments, and Barcelona’s number 9 seems to have no room in a lot of Europe’s clubs.


Juventus would be the ideal scenario, to play in a propositive team, full of players capable of supporting the center forward, besides playing alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. It surprises me that Barcelona do not include the Vecchia Signora in the list of clubs they forbidden the Uruguayan to go.

In England, the remaining clubs have no room in the team, nor in the payroll, to support Suárez. In Italy, the investigation will block any agreement with the athlete, and in Germany, no clubs showed interest in the striker.

Difficult times for Luizito, who was one of Barcelona’s top scorers, and perhaps will have to settle for a “second row” team.

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