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I believe that initially, the gateway of 90% of bettors is football. Within it, there are several betting options and then we end up creating “habits” of betting on some specific markets. The question that remains is: Is it better to specialize on a certain sport/market?

Are you an expert on a certain market or sport?

The word expert is somewhat strong, and it bring us back to someone that doesn’t make mistakes or that doesn’t slip-up on his analysis. But in this case, I’m speaking about someone with the ability to understand the variables of what his bet involves or the sport that he intends to analyse.


Generally, everyone considers themselves a great footballing analyst and that is normal because we grow up watching everything that involves the sport, following analysis of professionals, watching a great number of matches and from all the big competitions in the world.

It turns out that, a lot of times, when we start putting our money on what we follow, we realize that we need to analyse several variables, that we almost always let by without thinking about it.

Especially in football, we tend to bet on a lot of things, as soon as we start, because everything seems like it is very simple to happen.

Who never thought about betting on that “Over 1.5 Goals” line with very interesting odds because they thought:
“God, it’s impossible for this match not to have 2 goals scored”.

What I want to say is that we don’t always truly analyse the conditions of the match and we follow our gut feeling, that feeling that a certain scenario or condition will take place on the event.

When we start actually analysing the possibilities of the event, comparing the teams, looking for information about the athletes involved, the playing characteristics of both sides and then deliberating with the odds offered by the bookmakers, we end up filtering our bets better.

And to try and get a better result, we really need to collect some data, and that requires time. That way, a lot of times it’s better to focus on just a couple markets or sports, to try and make quality research and not go out betting randomly.

Understanding what you’re betting on is essential!

When you really start understanding what you’re betting on, a lot of windows of possibilities open up for you to try and catch some good opportunities.

Being clearer: when you analyse a specific sport or market, you start having a better look on the odds presented, the real chances of that actually happening and that helps you find the best bet possible.

It will become easier and quicker for you to look for information regarding teams/athletes involved and what that represents for the team’s performance.

The weather conditions, the place where the encounter will take place and how the teams will react, as well as if they need to get a specific result or not in the competition they’re playing on.


A lot of times it is not possible to make an assessment like this on several leagues or several different sports.
Therefore, we end up going down specific paths and substantially improving our results.

I’m not saying it is impossible to have a huge skillset on sports betting, on several different sports.

That is possible and I would even say that it is very good when a person is able to asses the situations of so many different sports and markets.

My fear, however, is that the person simply doesn’t analyse and ends up purely following the name of the best-known team or athlete, and be fooled by low odds, which is generally where most people lose their money.

There will always be teams or athletes that already have a very great record of success and that will come into the match as huge favourites.

But sometimes, they come into certain events without really needing to win or with some absences or there might even be an external aspect to the event that doesn’t favour them, etc.

Those odds are almost always not valuable. And we only understand this when the event already started. We see a team playing without a lot of intensity, struggling to impose their playstyle or even looking unmotivated to play.

Because of that, it’s safe for me to say that it is really good if you become an “expert” on some markets and sports.

expert 2

Understanding everything about that sport makes you become much quicker on your research, have a quicker understanding on what might have an impact on the match and also allow you to draw a conclusion in quick fashion.

My example is the NBA. I already know very well the playstyles of each team, what players are essential for them to impose their strategy and when their playstyle fits or doesn’t fit well against a certain opponent.

That quickly gives me an idea of how the game will be, what markets I should look into to find interesting odds and when the odds are misadjusted or not.

You can make all of this and it doesn’t even require that much effort. You just need to start focusing on a narrower field and not go out betting on everything you see.

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