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As I don’t want to sell anything, neither deceive anyone, I’m going to start this text with a cruel truth: most of the bettors are losers on the long-term! Buuuu!

If you already knew that congratulations, if not, deal with an uncomfortable truth of sports betting. But is it impossible to win money betting? The good news is NO and we can witness that by watching the performance of great punters, tipsters and professionals of this world.

For that, I present in this series of articles that today begins with the survival Kit necessary so that you don’t lose money in sports betting. If I promise you will make money? I can’t promise that.

Who promises that is either a bad character or a liar, and in no case is this kind of people a positive influence to any sports bettor. But in this Kit e promise to present various methods and procedures that will stop you from losing money, and more, in the journey, who knows, with the right choices you can win.

Before dreaming of living from bets, you need to survive on betting.

And that’s where my survival Kit comes in. It’s something like that list of 10 things you would take to a desert island to survive, or what you would do in apocalyptic scenery applied to online sports betting. Following this tips, procedures and behaviors will be the difference between life and death in online sports betting.

In this article we will discuss the most important item of our Sports Betting Survival Kit:

The Emotional Control

Why is the emotional control the most important item in the survival Kit?

Because in my opinion the lack of control, is the main cause for the loss of money for sports bettors. Only with control that you respect a banking management, only with control you don’t run after the losses, only with control you respect your betting strategy, only with emotional control you don’t go all in, etc.

Emotional Control If you lose a bet and go crazy running after any bets to recover a loss then you’re doomed to failure.

Always balance

Yes, there are thousands of texts on the internet teaching how to have emotional control, but are those persons capable of teaching emotional control to anyone?

Only those who have already made several all in with their last money at a bookmaker know what it is to have no emotional control and to turn their money’s future into harmful behavior.

 Will I give the formula to emotional control? No, because it doesn’t exist. Still, we can use a practical approximation to emotional control that is your capacity to remain attached to your initial plan defined in an environment of rationality.

There is no point in listing 20 situations here that you should check, if a new one will appear the next time you bet and that’s it, the drama is complete.

What is important to keep in mind is that before you go on the market you have defined your plans in an environment of rationality, coolness, meticulousness and strategy. Your capacity to stick to this plan when the water boils will be your emotional control capacity.

Your plan is set in the cold, the reality of betting will bring fire, boil, stimuli and try to get you out of every moment of your planning.

It will try to force you to operate in unknown terrain where your chances to lose will be much higher. At the time of the plan you plan in its strongest aspects, outside it, your weakest gaps may end up exposed.

As many people say, I could tell you to do paper betting, betting small initial values, but will that serve the moment when a big loss appears? Will your emotional control be really trained for these situations? In my opinion no, only the reality will bring the roller coaster of emotions that are sports betting and put your balance to the test.

The planning is set at the moment of game study, the analysis, the search for odd value, or in your strategies. It is produced, or at least it should, be produced in an emotionally controlled environment based on the knowledge you acquired for that event.

When you leave this environment and start to chase the losses, live bet abusing, believing in combos with huge odds, treating a day of losses like if it were a tragedy, in short, behaviors based on impulsiveness, irrationality.

Ok, the problem is identified, but how to combat losing emotional control in sports betting?

Keep your way and plan, no matter what happens!

First, self-knowledge. You need to know your flaws to fight them.  That sound like a buzzword, but the only way to fight a problem is to know it in detail. Are you very emotional? Get upset easily? When? Why?

We need to be humble and know how and when our out of control appears. It’s when we are losing a bet and want to chase after the loss playing live? Are the combinations/multiples? In short, find out how you get out of hand, what triggers you out of your balance, and triggers you out of control.

At the same time create standard answers for these moments. Previously set behaviors for this type of moment: go out for a walk, shut down the computer, the television, etc. But mechanisms that take the focus from emotional discontent to another activity.

Second, cling to the procedures developed at the time of rationality. In the moment of your games study you create your own strategies without stimuli than can get you out of the way. Try as much as possible to respect everything you planned in a moment of balance.

Unstable and unplanned decisions tend to get you out of emotional balance. Your planning will be your lifeguard in a storm. Keep the plan!

Training and practice are fundamental

Remember that no one acquires emotional control from one day to another. This requires training and conditioning. If you fail once, don’t give up. Refocus on these steps until acquiring the necessary coolness. Control is the essential element of the sports betting survival kit.

Without emotional control you are doomed to lose money and leave this universe. Having emotional control is a preponderant element because without it, the other kit elements lose their effectiveness.

But is it enough to have emotional control to survive in sports betting? No. But without a doubt it is the key factor. In the next articles we will discuss other elements of our Sports Betting Survival Kit. Don’t miss it!

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