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This sentence may not be well understood by many bettors at first, but when we have a certain level of experience in the profession and look at all our notes, we observe that at the end of an evaluation process, season, month or year, the ones who lose less money end the trajectory with higher profits.


Of course I am referring to have a working method within an acceptable odds pattern and possible of maintaining a certain level of consistency.

And I am also not referring to bettors who look for the big odds and thus earn the daily money without thinking about the long term that the profession requires.

So, within this context, we have some points that are very important for the best development of the process. With them well defined, we can reap better results.

This goes through the bad runs that we will have in our walk, positive odds average, bankroll management, the “tilts” that happen after a red and the bets by impulse that some bettors make.

Be sure to balance all these concepts and the chances of profitability will increase a lot there at the end of the evaluation.

Let’s take a look at each item mentioned above:


Bad Runs: Expression given for the bad runs that the bettor experiences. That is, all bettors go through bad periods, and this should be understood calmly. It leaves us upset, for sure, but it’s part of the profession and we have to move on when it happens.


Whoever is seeking to become a professional in the business should take a deep breath, adjust the bankroll management if necessary and move on. And at the end of the season or evaluation process we have to stop and check what went wrong. Do not change the “tire with the car running”.

I want to remind you again that sports investments are a way to make our capital profitable. It’s not a fixed salary and you should never invest the day by day bills money or the family support one “at stake”!
That said, let’s go ahead…


Bankroll management: This is one of the most important pillars in the sports betting career. You may have read several times that we are in a marathon and not in a few meters race.

And bankroll management is our “fuel” to move forward. If you don’t line that up, you’ll stop halfway through. With this you will get frustrated and will not have the possibility to evaluate what you could have improved.

There is no fixed rule for a bankroll management in sports betting, this can vary according to each professional. Evaluate the amount of games you work, what your winrate is, the value of your bankroll and the degree of experience you have.

That’s why there is no ready formula for efficient bankroll management, you need to find yours. But something that is unanimous among all the bettors, is that the higher your bankroll, the lower the percentage put at risk to achieve your goal.

“Tilts” that happen after a red or when the green does not come: Who is from the old videogames era knows well what the word Tilt means.

It was when the game started to shuffle the letters, the colors got mixed up and we had to turn off and consequently lose everything we conquered. This term in sports betting is used precisely when this happens with the bettor.

That is, when the bettor loses concentration and starts to mix the operations. And without any logic, he seeks to recover the red and exposes his bankroll in an irresponsible way making impulsive entries.


And when you least expect it, there goes most of your bankroll or even the whole of it. This is one of the factors that happens most and makes you unconsistent.

Because generally who does this thinks: Ah, it’s just a little money at risk, when I have a bigger volume I will never perform this operational and this all in! But they forget about it or they can’t acknowledge that little by little, there goes several bankroll breaks and several deposits. Keeping them away from evolving.


Odds average: Something that a lot of people mistake is relating low odds with easy hitting. And if you have the habit of working with very low odds, in the long run, you will be walking in circles. (I say that for punters).

Imagine you work at an average odds of @1.20 and suffer a red. In this case you would have to hit 5 games to get your profitability back to square one. But then you can think: Once in a while there is no problem.

In my opinion yes there is, because this way you will be sabotaging your working method and getting used to your brain doing something that is not standard to be done. And that’s very important, because from then on the bettor leaves the Tilt door that we talked about earlier open.

Therefore, the best option is not to do anything outside the concepts of value. Not even once in a while! Make your brain focus on the things that must be done and with that he will forget things that lead to failure. Make your brain see winning concepts.

That is, developed mindset. With this, have no doubt that average low odds are not the best option in the long run.


Betting by impulse: Every one thinks he understands football. And for thinking so, they imagine that the fact of understanding football will qualify them to turn into good bettors and to create good football tips.

Of course, those who study the teams characteristics, are attentive to information and know the ups and downs of the table, yes those ones can be a step ahead from the others.

But there are people who just compare the games and list the strong and weak teams by eye. Without any qualitative basis. This is one of the reasons for failure.

I guarantee that these people carry a “bottomless bag”, that is, the more money they put in the bankroll, the more they lose. Because they have the gambler profile. And that is not the right one.


Everything I mentioned above is often only recognized over time by bettors. Many will read it and only in the future will think: Why didn’t I do it before?

Do you know why? Because sports investment is a profession that most bettors, I would say almost 100% of them, do the opposite way of what should be done. Check the logic:

In all professions we learn first (course or college), then we acquire experience (internship with little remuneration), to later become a professional.

This is the right way. But in sports betting, the professional candidate starts by the wrong end.

He first opens an account in a bookmaker, then he tries to know what is sports betting, then he wants to get rich with $100, loses several bankrolls and if he still has the patience for it, he tries to know the market and learn the correct way of activity.


Have you ever thought about it??

And you can ask me about the ones who hit several games right, aren’t those the most profitable ones?

I answer you that both the beginner bettor, the weekend bettor and the professional bettor get the same games right.

This is normal, and we are tired of seeing most greens being shared by everyone.

But be sure that the differential to be an above average or differentiated bettor is in how much you stop losing when everyone continues to do it. Who loses the less at the end of the process will be the most profitable.

So that’s it, guys, I hope you like it and filter ideas!

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