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This is a subject that had already been approached on this website previously, and this morning it was announced, through an official statement from both parties, that Ferrari and Sebastian Vettel will be putting an end to a cycle that started in 2015…


This separation between the German driver and the Italian team ends up not being a great surprise, taking into consideration what happened in 2019, where the “Scuderia” decided that Vettel was on the same level as Charles Leclerc, sort of stripping him of the status of team leader.

Sebastian Vettel out of Ferrari in 2021

That was clearly an indication that the team from the Prancing Horse wished to start a new cycle with a young driver that could lead their colors during a long period of time, unlike Sebastian Vettel, that besides already being a veteran, wasn’t being able to accomplish the objectives he had been hired for, which was, winning the World Drivers’ Championship with Ferrari.

Another issue that was being considered by the press had to do with the financial aspect, namely the high salary of the German driver that reached the “Scuderia” with the status of 4-times World Champion with Red Bull. But according to Ferrari and Vettel, that wasn’t even a topic of discussion and what really set the end of this link was the team’s change of plans and Vettel’s natural desire of continuing to
lead a project.

Basically, Ferrari seems to be focused on having a younger team that they can work with for several years in the sense of making it stronger, while Vettel wouldn’t be willing to renounce his status of no. 1 in the team in exchange with a young driver such as Charles LeClerc.


Sebastian Vettel ‘landed’ at Ferrari as a dream signing for the Italian team that was receiving a 4-times world champion on their roster with the clear intent of continuing to make history with their new car. Unfortunately, things didn’t go well on this partnership and the best the German driver was able to accomplish was finishing in 2nd place of the World Drivers’ Championship on two occasions, always behind
Lewis Hamilton.

Vettel could have even had a better car during some periods, but generically speaking Mercedes was always stronger and especially more reliable on a fight that sometimes could even be considered uneven. The truth is that the German driver is preparing himself to leave Ferrari through the “rear entrance” after a weak 2019 season where he was even beat by his young teammate.

Of course he will still have the 2020 season to try and make amends and exit as champion, but will he have the conditions to accomplish that? It seems very difficult to me, especially taking into consideration that Vettel shouldn’t be the team leader this year.

During the 5 years racing for the Prancing Horse, Sebastian Vettel conquered 14 Grand Prix victories, becoming the 3rd most victorious driver in the history of the team, and the one that has gotten the most points, although that record is naturally inflated due to the fact each race now awards more points these days.


With the imminent departure of Sebastian Vettel, Ferrari is already preparing the assault to the market in order to secure a new driver for 2021 that can bring value to the team. Right now, the young Carlos Sainz and Daniel Ricciardo seem to be the drivers in the “pole position” to succeed the German, but has Ferrari got “an ace up their sleeve” to try and snatch the sensational Max Verstappen?

Apparently, that won’t be possible because the young Dutch driver recently renewed his contract with Red Bull Racing until 2023 and he should stay there and continue his ascension as a driver.

This way, and assessing the impossibility of bringing in what is currently the most exciting driver of the sport, Ferrari should really make a move for Sainz or Ricciardo on a deal that will certainly save the team some money in salaries, besides bringing new blood to the “Scuderia” at a time where the relationship between the team and Sebastian Vettel seemed exhausted.


As for Vettel’s future, things seem relatively grim for him, taking into consideration that Mercedes doesn’t have room for him, and that Ferrari have moved on. As for Red Bull, they have their star in Verstappen and they would hardly be interested in upsetting their new superstar bringing in a world champion to be his teammate.

That way, the options of the German driver might be going to secondary teams in the immediate future, but will he be willing to do that, or will he prefer to take some time off until there is room at one of the top teams? These are questions that will be answered in the next couple of months.





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