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This Tuesday we will have an important UEFA meeting with 55 football associations to set a new schedule for the rest of the European competitions this season. According to the Italian TV network Sky Sports, August might be the month where the competitions resume…


Given the pandemic developments, it is clear that it would be very complicated and risky to resume national and European competitions during the month of June, and even July could have some danger, so all indications are that UEFA will even agree with the other associations for a hot end to the season in the hot month of August.

Scorching August with decisions in the Champions League

According to Italian TV station Sky Sports, UEFA’s idea is to cram together the remaining Champions League matches between August 7th and 29th. Of course, this presupposes matches being played every three days for a period of 22 days to complete the remaining matches in the Round of 16 and the next rounds until the Final, which is due to take place at the Ataturk stadium in Istanbul.

The same plan should be applied in the Europa League with the competition being able to restart a little earlier – on August 2nd or 3rd – and finishing on the 27th at the Gdansk Arena in Poland. But is this really possible given the domestic competitions that are also still pending?


UEFA’s ability to opt for this system to complete European competitions will take up space in the domestic calendar in August, so there is an urgent need to finish domestic competitions by the end of July. But is this possible in the current context? Honestly, I believe so, if the responsible authorities allow the competitions to follow their plans, even behind closed doors.

The vast majority of European leagues have about 10 rounds left to play, and given that European competitions will not return until August, this should make the plan of playing two rounds a week possible. This should make it possible for the main European leagues to be completed in five weeks, i.e. in just over a month.

If we take a look at the likely future events, we can say that a return to training for the main European teams around May 20th/25th should make it possible to resume the leagues in the middle of June, which would make it possible to complete the domestic competitions in that month and a half between mid-June and the end of July.

In short, this UEFA solution may even facilitate the timetable, given that it will give the associations of several countries space to complete their competitions during June and July without having to worry about the European competitions, that are now scheduled for August.


When you lose two months of an already highly busy calendar it is normal that everything becomes more difficult, and although the solution now pointed out seems to be interesting and may enable the conclusion of the current season, the truth is that it will end far later than it was expected.

In any case, there will be very few teams in action in August as European competitions are already at a relatively advanced stage, and the next season is not due to begin until October, thus giving the Champions League finalists more than a month’s rest, more than enough time, especially after a two-speed season that included a long break in the middle.


In 2020/21 we’ll have several national team competitions in the final stages of the season with the UEFA EURO 2020 and the Copa America, but all the indications suggest that things will turn out well if there’s no kind of regression in the current pandemic of Covid-19, which has virtually stopped the entire planet.

If the increasing resumption of normal activities during the month of May brings good news in terms of controlling the spread of the new coronavirus, then the competitions should resume their campaigns even during the month of June enabling UEFA and its associations to fulfil their plans for an organised conclusion to domestic and European campaigns of this chaotic 2019/20 season.

As football lovers, we can only hope that everything goes according to plan and that in just over a month’s time we can have our much-desired top-level football back on the screens and in stadiums around the world, even if there are no crowds on them.





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