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Everyone knows that the European football clubs look to Brazil every year as their “shopping centre” and they snatch the biggest revelations of Brazilian football. Real Madrid has been one of the most active clubs on this department, but have they really been investing correctly?

Real Madrid and their desire for Neymar

The last transfer window of European football put a spotlight on Real Madrid, who was looking for a key player to replace Cristiano Ronaldo on the market. One of the players that was one of the biggest targets of a lot of rumours by the media was the Brazilian attacker Neymar, that was an ancient desire of the merengues.

Real Madrid wants a new Neymar

Amongst several speculations about the future of Paris Saint Germain’s number 10, a clash between Real Madrid and Barcelona was established.

Maybe it is a big frustration for the board of the merengue club the fact that Neymar has a desire to return to Barcelona, because it was with him the last time that the Catalan club did well in the Champions League.

On the shadows, people said that Real Madrid saw in Neymar a player that was capable of doing what Cristiano Ronaldo did, which was being a leading figure that could decide with an individual play at any time.

We all know how this novel ended, with the Brazilian staying in France and Real Madrid concentrating their strengths on the signing of Eden Hazard, that although is a great player, hasn’t been performing that well on the team led by Zinedine Zidane.

Real Madrid’s team layout isn’t looking very powerful yet, and the team might go back to the market on the next transfer window. However, they have been making risky commitments on young players, without great sampling.

Real Madrid on the Brazilian market: Looking for a new Neymar!

Neymar, when he was transferred from Santos to Barcelona, was a big worldwide sensation at the time. Very high stakes were being discussed and Santos’ star ended up going to Barcelona after a lot of speculation.

At the time, Neymar was considered to be a great player, being the best player in Brazil, and winning several titles with Santos, even the FIFA Club World Cup.

Neymar was already a well-known figure of the Brazilian national team, and we all knew that he was ready to play amongst the best players of European football.

Real Madrid can’t afford to lose another jewel of Brazilian football to their rivals and they might be pulling the trigger too early when acquiring young players.

Their first big signing was Vinicius Junior, in 2017, that came from Flamengo.

After standing out in one of the competitions of youth national teams for the Brazilian national side, he reached the main squad of the Brazilian club and then was transferred to Real Madrid, for an amount of around 45 Million Euros.

Today, Vinicius still hasn’t made a name for himself at the merengue side and his situation got worse after his injury last season.

A move to a different club is currently being rumoured, taking into consideration the huge pressure of the Spanish media and the fans.

The 2nd attempt of the merengues to get the “new Neymar” was Rodrygo, from Santos.

The 17-years old youngster was being treated as the successor of PSG’s star, already catching the interest of European giants. Real Madrid couldn’t afford to make the same mistake, and they’ve unloaded a bunch of money at the Vila Belmiro.

The signing of the new attacker cost them 45 Million Euros. And so far, he has been doing very well at the Santiago Bernabéu, falling on the fans’ good graces.

Not satisfied, the merengues are now looking at another young sensation of Brazilian football: Reinier.

Flamengo’s attacking midfielder has been standing out for the youth teams and even the Brazilian Olympic squad.

He was one of the biggest revelations of the club on their title campaign in the 2019/20 Brazilian Serie A.

News reports say that the Spanish club is willing to spend around 30 million euros.

Their expectation is finding a jewel similar to Neymar. However, signing players in different conditions, without a lot of proven talent at pro level, although still very promising.

Combining the 3 acquisitions of the club, the amount surpasses 100 Million Euros.

Real is once again trying to dominate the footballing scene in Spain, but they are making a team for the future, focusing on young players that can pay off in the future.

In the fight for the Spanish title on this 2019/2020 season, they are still behind Barcelona in terms of favouritism. The odds for them to lift the trophy of this edition are at 2.20 on Bet365.

The trend suggests we will see them playing a bigger role on the next transfer windows, especially in order to sign more asserted players, since it is a risk for the team to have such an oscillating roster, in the figure of such young players like the ones they’ve been utilizing.





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