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One of the biggest stirs and topics of present time in the universe of sports betting right now is the question of the professional bettors.

Professional bettors

The professional bettor, according to what the idea suggests, is a bettor that is thinking about becoming a professional, or in better words, professionalize himself on this giant universe of online and sports betting.

But before anyone thinks about taking this step, they have to consider several aspects, especially if they have the “drive” for it, and of course if the risk they are about take will be worth it at the end of the month.

Sports betting allows us, on a certain level, to dream about one day becoming a professional bettor

Today we will then “discuss” the topic and of course I will only give my opinion here and I think that I will also give a general idea that some people involved on this field have about this topic – professional bettors.

Before anything else, those that want to become professional bettors have to be aware that they will struggle, even if they are “solid” in the world of sports betting and are popular on the field, the path is very complicated.

Those that look at this and think the path will be easy, are wrong, because staring off from scratch is ALWAYS complicated, on any field.

If the bettor/tipster is already a big name on the market, I have to say that the process would be quicker, even more convenient, because they already have their crowd, people who appreciate their work and of course that is the hardest
part to become a professional bettor.

But the leap between the amateur and the professional might have more consequences, and I’d even say on the private matter, and that’s why I’m giving this warning.

Do you have the right profile? Are you able to do it? Are you capable? Do you deal well with pressure?

Not knowing what to count with at the end of the month is something that nobody enjoys, and when you make that “leap” this is one of the situations that the professional bettor might have to worry about.

But I also say that, when someone makes this leap, they already have a good amount of money saved up, or at least something that ensures them a somewhat certain “income”, that can be more reliable.

A lot of them already have paid services “going” and with that, they are already generating some money with sports betting, and a lot of them even have pages dedicated to their services or belong to big groups of bettors or even betting syndicates.

Many, after going “all-out” start off by exploring their personal pages and start with the affiliations with sponsored bookmakers.

Do you have the right profile?

This will be one of the paths that many of us are used to seeing, because the professionals can’t afford to live solely off of sports betting, or the Tips and Picks’ services.

Having a sponsoring bookmaker is a good support to help you becoming a professional, because it helps you breaking the anxiety of obtaining profit with sports betting until the end of the month.

Like everything in life, the balance is important and here it’s the same thing, because being balanced in terms of finances and in terms of the “to do list” is important.

Being organized is a big part of this profession, having everything programmed, pay attention to what is coming is important to make sure you put in the necessary hours to complete what you have to do.

Foreseeing the weekends, a Champions League’s week and the Europa League is having a notion of the effort a professional will have to be willing to do during those times.

Having everything planned, giving out tips with some time in advance, studying the matches looking at news and then doing it all again because it is a busy weekend is not easy.

It requires especially a time management and planning ability well above average, even because some news and press conferences are only out when the clubs want to or think it is appropriate, for example.

Obviously, sometimes this also requires you to “jump” from one place to the other, I’d say, starting to study one match, stopping because you are missing “data” and then moving on to another. And after all that, having the ability to return to that first match after you receive the information that you were missing.

You need to have this “power” and of course above average mental gymnastics, or at least being perfectly familiarized with this issue, speaking from my own personal experience.


Having the unconditional support of your family is also important, because a professional bettor will spend a lot of time on the job, and that will affect the family matters.

The support of family, friends, wife/girlfriend, whoever is closer is important, because we aren’t someone that can’t ever see the sunlight, we are just forced to be very focused on every aspect of this world of sports betting.

Knowing how to dose everything, I return to the chapter of how planning is important on this profession and of course relaxing a bit from the stress of sports betting, is also important.

Choosing the best partnerships to help us spread the word is essential, spreading the “magic” of our job is important and having the best partners on our side is also important, whether they are occasional or long-term.

Here the question has a lot to do with who they are and how they compare to your way of working.

If you want an advice, the more similar they are to you, the more chances that partnership has of succeeding.

Having a partner that works on the same “wavelength” and with the same purpose and the same entrepreneurial mentality will be a big advantage, to help you advertising.

Being in this world, you also have to account for competition. Yes, every day we see the “rise” of new professional tipsters/bettors, some with success and others that only last a couple of months or even days.

It is necessary to invest more and more in your own work. If you’re good, if you’re worth it, people will come to you.

If you’re really good, the people, the connections, the right investments will appear and will make you enjoy this world of sports betting.

People say that being alone is the best-case scenario, but I’d say this matter is complicated, even because not every Tipster has knowledge about social media or how to manage a website.

Being surrounded with the best is also something important when you explore the several aspects to design your own project.

Of course, the best are also expensive, and hiring/outsourcing can also be expensive, but I’d say it will eventually pay off in terms of returns.

We’ll now conclude with a summary of everything that was discussed here, about what it is like to be or how to become a professional bettor

Being on the field, being known, in your country and aboard, is important for your professionalization in sports betting.

Having courage, knowing what you will face is part of the process and it has to be within your DNA moving forward. Having the drive as I’ve already mentioned previously is important on this rough path.

Rough because of the competition, that every day sees new betting professionals appearing, or at least self-proclaimed ones, and of course offer market options to those that are looking for tips’ services or counseling in sports betting.

how to become a professional bettor

Being aware of the difficulties of the state of the market is important and having the support of the family is also important. Those that think this is a baby step are wrong, this is more of a giant step.

We leave here several advices about how you should prepare for your professionalization, and always being prepared for the best and the worst, because “harm” is always there, be in terms of persons or situations that will go against your principles or something that doesn’t go the way you wanted.

An advice that I leave on this final note is you should always be prepared for everything and always have a plan B, in case plan A goes wrong, having something to rely on or a different approach.

You should always have 2 plans, a lot of failed scenarios and a lot of plans “up your sleeve”.

Another remark is that unfortunately, in this world, you will find a lot of opportunists, a lot of people that actually pretend they are your best friends and then in practice, that isn’t the case. Having friends when there is money involved, and especially the bigger the volume is, the bigger your exposure is to people of this caliber.

You should also be prepared to lose some “friends”, and pay attention because I’ve written friends inside quotations, because this word has become popular nowadays, but it isn’t being utilized according to its true essence.


Be as careful as you can be and I also say one more thing: believe in yourselves, on your work ethic, and invest a lot on what you’re capable of doing.

Trust A LOT in yourselves and your path will be successful. Professionalization in sports betting can really happen and your dream can come true.

Rely more on your family and not on your “pseudo” friends. Work a lot, you will make mistakes, of course, but you will also learn a lot.

One day you will know what paths to go down and what paths can be dangerous and that will enrich you as a person and as a professional.

For now, this is it, good luck on your hard journey to becoming a professional bettor.

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