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Have they not told you or you preferred not to listen? Before kicking off this article, I’d like to leave you with a reflection. And at the end of the text, it will make a lot of sense.


A lot of people come into the universe of sports betting without any planning and they don’t know where they want to go. And that might not seem like a problem, but if you’re not aligned, it can end up becoming a snowball and when you stop to assess, you’re already in the business for years, but you keep walking around in circles.

And when people ask you about your purpose as a bettor, the answer is basic just like everyone else: Earning some money or having more free time. And then comes the second question: were you able to accomplish that?

Then reality kicks in and the answer is obviously no!

Then, to start off your planning, I will explain some things you should know and will surely go through. And only after that, planning for a survival plan will begin and your quest for capital to sustain your life cost and your goals will start as well.

Therefore, keep these points I’ll list below in mind:


Something that bettors will go through a lot of time are nights where they are awake to make plans and analyse matches. A lot of times, they’re the last ones to go sleep and the first ones to wake up. Obviously, that can be adjusted…

But keep in mind this will happen on your trajectory. If you want a job without a fixed schedule, but where you must deliver results independently of the schedule, sports betting is the right choice for that.

hard work

Whoever tells you that you will win money just by sitting on the couch is either lying to you or teaching you how to be a recreational bettor that will lose more money than what you win.

That person will never see you again in your life and just wants to take your money. The reality of those who work hard on this profession isn’t that.

The serious bettors work hard. And not only as bettors, acting on several segments within sports betting.

Therefore, they take care of several things. And everything has to work out as much as possible. And that is good for everything from assessing situations to getting busy to get things done.


When people ask me what’s the main requirement to become a bettor, my answer is: several things are necessary, but something very important is persistence and patience. In the path or in the marathon of the bettor, several unforeseen events will happen, doubts, mistakes, etc.

And that will make you lose motivation and start the evaluation from scratch. That is part of the process for anyone who wishes to come into this profession.

And if the person isn’t persistent and patient enough to take it step by step, unfortunately he won’t be able to get there.


Making sacrifices is something that you will only understand that you will need to do when you are already within the job. And that will happen constantly, which means, making choices.

You know that party on Saturday or that meeting in the park on Sunday?


What is the decision of the bettor here? Does he relax or does he work? A lot of times that can be circumvented because family comes first but sometimes, he will not be able to go and he will have to say no to relaxation and continue working.

I’m sure that will happen and get ready to make the right decision or adjust your schedules appropriately to minimize that as much as possible. That will be part of your routine as a bettor.


Without discipline we aren’t able to reach any objective. And it isn’t any different in sports betting. Therefore, discipline should be a part of your life since the first moment you “step into” sports betting until the end of your career.

If you are not willing to be disciplined, follow your work strategy, your management style, your time, you are destined to offer money to the market. And discipline is directly connected to your learning process and method validation.

That process should be made and followed to reap the rewards in the future. And at the end of the day, you can reach the conclusion that something is wrong and you will need to start over again. Therefore, discipline is essential for those who want to take it seriously.


Something you will find with a lot of different names in the professional context, but I’ll call it courage here. This is related to risk. Understand that we are on a market of variable income and we are taking a risk with every operation.

However, taking risks with discipline and planning is something very “possible” to manage.


The problem is when we speak about risk without discipline, which is related to the fear of losing. Therefore, you shouldn’t want to be brave and make moves based on excitement.

Have some “planned courage”. Some bettors don’t understand this and think: “I will never earn money without taking big risks” and that’s not actually true. Taking risks is necessary but when you use the word big, something needs to be adjusted. Think about it!


Now we’ll speak about something you will have to deal with a lot in this profession, which is being criticized. From both people in the area and people from your friends and family. This is certainly the worst aspect. But it is part of the deal.

Nowadays sports betting is known as a game of chance, and that sounds bad for those who don’t understand how the business works. And it doesn’t matter how much you explain, they will hardly understand.

Therefore, you have two options: Either you don’t tell anyone what you do, or you show them your results, which means, money.
Without it, just don’t bother trying to explain more than once and learn to deal with criticism.


Sports betting is one of the fields of work where people are more subject to making mistakes. And those who don’t know how to deal with the mistakes will have a lot of problems. The evaluative intention is to look for a positive record between losses and profits.

That means, if you had 17 lost bets and 30 won bets, the balance tends to be positive. But there are other aspects which we’ll discuss in future articles. Therefore, the mistake will always be a part of the business. Look to make 1 mistake and then not repeating it ever and advance.

Now that you’ve read all of these characteristics I’ve listed… I ask you, what’s the final decision?

Oh…. Remember at the beginning of the article? This is when things get clearer. Put all of these ingredients into your recipe, evaluate
them and see if this is really the profession you wish to have.


That means, know that you know what awaits you, I know that the answer will still be “YES, I want to be a bettor!” But I ask you a different question:

Will you make the things that need to be done or will you try to do it your way and give up during the process, losing time, getting angry and become another guy that will end up saying that this doesn’t give any money?

Think about it and if the answer is still yes, Come in and try your best!!! The market is full of “big mouths” who don’t go anywhere and keep “crying” about their current situation!

And I couldn’t avoid saying that, even if you do everything properly, the positive result isn’t guaranteed. Because we are talking about a market of variable income.

Salutations, I hope you enjoyed this article and let’s keep moving forward.


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