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Philadelphia 76ers vs Miami Heat – NBA: The 76ers have ended the regular season with a 52-30 record

Which gave them the 3rd place of the conference. The team from Philadelphia hadn’t reached the play-offs for some years.

And now, with the team reaching the play-offs and in the podium too, this is definitely a great time for the fans and the players of a team that spent the last couple of years in tanking mode,

although that has really paid off, since they got players like Simmons, that should be crowned “Rookie of the Year”, Fultz that is now starting to find his rhythm

and has been playing very well and Embiid that has quality to be a future Hall of Famer, having already been picked for the All-Star match.

The team won the 1st game against the Heat by 27 points, on a game that was close until half-time.

The team went 18 of 28 from the 3-pt line and I think they took advantage especially of the Heat’s positioning (too interior) to be able to shoot fast and gain some advantage on that aspect because they were without Joel Embiid.

As for the Heat, in terms of record on the regular season, they finished in 6th place with a 44-38 record, curiously the same record as the Bucks,

but they finished ahead of them, and I’m not sure if winning the last game against the Raptors was good because these weakened Celtics seem to be much weaker.

In any way, the team from Miami can only blame themselves because they’ve lost several games against teams that were in tanking mode so now all that’s left for us to see is what will happen to them on this post-season.

Looking to the visiting side on the last game, as I’ve said, Spoelstra’s team played terribly on the 2nd half. They were actually leading by 4 points at half-time, but they were humiliated on the 2nd half (losing it by 31 points).

I think that they key for this game will be continuing to give opportunities to Olynyk that scored 80% of the 3-pts attempts he launched on the game and that explored the interior space very well.

Tonight, Embiid should already play but I should also mention that Whiteside has been having monstrous performances (the best of his career even) against him, probably due to the motivation given by the “trash talk” of the Cameroonian.

Philadelphia 76ers vs Miami Heat – Betting Tip and Prediction:

I think this will be a very close game. What happened to the Heat on the 3rd quarter was completely ridiculous, and it seems to be a chronical problem of the team.

We’ll see what they can bring. The team defended Simmons very well and I believe they will do the same here.

I also believe that Embiid will still struggle a bit and with a little bit more pressure on the exterior, I believe the Heat will cover the spread.




Heat +6.5

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