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According to the mentality of those that want to get money quick, there is another kind of betting that seduces the newbie bettor: accumulators. Upon this scenario, I bring you the concept and my opinion about this kind of bet.

Parlays and accumulators in sports betting: What is a parlay?

Well, in fact the term is practically self-explanatory: it is basically combining several bets in only one. With that, the odds increase, and we try to find the golden pot at the end of the last match.

Well, as I’ve said above, it is very tempting, especially for the newbie bettor, that sees the possibility of winning a lot of money investing a small amount of money (single stake). Take a look how it works:

Odds of each event: 1.45 x 1.92 x 1.50 x 1.25 x 1.72 x 1.80 x 1.30 = 21.00

On this example, I combined several events on a single bet, that when combined, their odds are multiplied, and the odds of the wager increase drastically.

We can combine several markets on an accumulator: Money Line, goals’ lines, handicaps, corners, halftime results, etc…

Now you understand why this sort of bets seduces the newbies so much. Let’s say you bet an average of 10€ on each event, then your net profit would be 4.50€ with the first bet or 9.20€ with the second.

But, if you put the same 10€ on this accumulator, you have the possibility of having a 210€ return (including the value of your original stake).

On the accumulators, it is mandatory to nail 100% of the outcomes that you’ve combined on the same bet slip. That way, if you’ve managed to get most of your selections right but then failed the last, unfortunately the bet is lost.

There is also the possibility of utilizing Asian lines on the accumulators. On this case, we can add some Asian handicaps, Asian goals’ handicaps, corners, etc.

With that, in case your Asian bet is void, it doesn’t count as a loss, and the bookmaker simply recalculates your odds, as if that selection didn’t exist.

On a lot of bookmakers, there is also the option to cashout.

This tool is the one that allows you to cashout a wager still with the event going, with the bookmaker offering you a certain amount to cashout early, depending on how the game is going regarding your betting selection.

In this option, on accumulators, the more selections you win within an accumulator, the bigger your cashout amount will be.

Parlays and accumulators in sports betting: Types of accumulators

There are several kinds of single bets, and naturally, there also several types of accumulator bets. We have to keep in mind that the accumulators are exactly a multiplier of several events, which means, the more matches we include, the higher the odds will become.

• Double and Treble

In this case, the bet isn’t a giant accumulator, but it is also the combination of several selections.
As the name suggests, it puts them all on the same betslip, of 2 or 3 selections respectively.

• Accumulator

We consider an accumulator a bestlip that has at least 4 events on the same betslip. And from this point forward, it can combine a lot of matches, having to get them all right to win.

• Combined bets inside the same betslip

Here it gets a bit trickier, so I’ll try to explain in clearer and simpler way. When you choose several selections to make an accumulator with, the bookmaker offers you several betting options.


The simplest one is obviously the Accumulator (X1), the one that we have been explaining, which takes into consideration all the selections and puts them into a single betslip. But there are also other methods to combine those same selections you’ve chosen.

The bookmaker, 1XBet or Bet365 for example, can combine several doubles, several trebles and so on.


On a betslip with 5 events, the bookmaker gives me the option of combining them into 10 doubles (10 bets), 10 trebles, 5 accumulators or a Super Yankee, that has 26 bets: 10 doubles, 10 trebles, 4 four-folds and an accumulator of 5 selections.

To keep things short, the more selections you have, the more options the bookmaker offers you to combine those selections you’ve chosen in every possible way.

That means that you have to invest more money, you increase your profit margin, but you also increase your loss margin.Is it worth it to bet in this way?

As I’ve said previously the accumulators really increase your margin of net profit, it is seductive, but on the other hand, it also increases your margin for error.

Predicting several events correctly is hard. If it was easy, every bettor would be a millionaire.

What I see the most is people trying out several kinds of accumulators: betting on favourites with very small odds, betting on goals, handicaps on the side of the favourites, etc.

Firstly, I’ll tell you my opinion: don’t make accumulators your main method to be profitable, because you will break!
Accumulators are very unfair, because if you predict 9 out of 10 matches correctly but then fail on the last one, your money turns to nothing.

It gives you that sense of injustice, because you get 9 analysis right, and make a mistake on only 1, and you don’t even win a portion of your total potential winnings.

Combined bets

On this situation we can reflect – let’s say that you had picked 10 selections with average odds of 1.80. If you got 9 right, and had placed 10€ on each of them, you would have a net profit of 62€, already subtracting the one you’ve lost.

One thing that happens very often is people trying to land a “big odds” accumulator and ending up losing it all. So, the tip that I give here is simple: make your own analysis and bet on single events.

Once in a while you can build a huge accumulator, but keep in mind that it will also be very unlikely that you will win, sort of a lottery ticket. Have you even won the lottery?

Then, wager a small percentage of your bankroll, an amount that won’t make you lose sleep over it in case you lose it.
But the essential tip is the same: don’t turn the accumulators into your main tool in the betting world.

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