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Today an article that took time, and that I sincerely thought was a “no subject” for bettors, even for those newcomers. In one of our Podcasts and our Betting Lives now in New Betting Tips, came the issue of Paper Betting which apparently, brought commotion to the subject.


It is up to me once again to set the ideas on fire even more, of course in a good sense, and to undo some “myths” or disbeliefs of some skeptics regarding the purpose of Paper Betting.

As it is normal and usual in the betting articles I write, I will once again put everything by topics in order to try to explain the good and the bad, if there’s any harm in doing our Paper Betting.

First of all explain what is Paper Betting, usually, translating to the letter is “betting on paper”, in short, register the bets on a paper and keep it religiously, without putting money on that same bet.

This registration “method” is very much used by those who are starting, as well as by those who are trying something new. Examples, leaving the comfort zone, let’s say a specific market and trying others. Testing new methodologies and experimenting in other leagues for example or even other sports.

In short, Paper Betting is used to test ourselves and even serves as a “training” of our betting self-control without of course, betting a single cent on a bookmaker, but this can also bring other stir, that we will talk about on the respective topic.


Paper Betting often serves as a betting record, surely an archaic one, but it serves for a first analysis to validate our valences a bit regarding bets, especially when we validate some model, or test some championship or a different market.


This will always be the first step to make the so-called Paper Betting, use it as a validation calculator, it will be our test, whatever it is.

In this topic, using Paper Betting as a record for something initial is almost a fundamental condition, and the most certain to be used in sports betting. Having the control of the bets and register them this way allows us above all and as a fundamental condition, once again, not to lose money with tests.


Making this kind of record, Paper Betting, gives us some comfort, I would even say some training for our emotional control, which we will need in the bets that we will make in the future.

As it takes work to register the “bets on paper” to bets, it forces us to “breathe” between bets, and by training that, and obliging us to do that, we indirectly allow ourselves to have some emotional control. But of course this is only valid if we know how to use it consciensly, obviously.

This kind of training, in the future, will be valid for betting, because, as we are forced to register them we also look and verify our condition for the next bet.

If we are well it forces us to see things in a calmer way, but if things are not going well it will probably force us to approach the next bet with other vision, at least to have the conscience that things are not going well.

These “breaks” between bets are dynamic either for Red or Green. And very honestly this kind of register helps a lot to our emotional control, which of course it’s not everything but it helps.


It should most probably be the first topic to be reported on Paper Betting, but I think for those who arrive, emotional control is more important than validation.

Yes, this “paper” register serves a lot to validate our bets in a “healthy” way, let’s say validate them, knowing what we are doing, and of course with a great benefit, not losing money.


This situation, or better, this betting record, even serves to validate something we are trying for the first time, something out of the ordinary.

Paper Betting serves in a superficial way, to understand if we are or not getting something after all, especially in a more elaborate project, to make some money.

Once again you should use Paper Betting to experiment, even to scratch, being this a record on “paper” that in the end you can even throw in the garbage. But one thing is for sure, you will not lose money during the process.


We have already talked and left the “motto” in the previous topics, but it certainly deserves a specific topic, and of course, saving money is also a valence of Paper Betting, it allows us to try again, without spending a cent in a bookmaker or blow up a betting bankroll, wether small or big.

Saving bankrolls in experimentation, Paper Betting helps you in that, save money, and you can keep on exploring new “worlds” in sports betting.

For me, this is one of the main valences of a register in this way, a paper register allows us to enter in saving mode and continue “fictitious betting”.

The main question of this topic is really simple, don’t spend a cent on experimentation, this will serve for any situation when someone wants to change the experiment, you shouldn’t do it with the money you have in a bookmaker, think about it seriously.


Something I have to mention, it’s likely that recording, or “betting” in this way can take away the emotion, or the responsibility, since we know we have no money involved, it can mess with our cognitive biases, and see the bets or approach them in another way.

Knowing that we’re betting in order to get nothing and not invest anything makes us more relaxed, something that can turn against us, because we don’t feel the “weight” of the responsibility of betting with real money.

It can lead us to many factors, like betting more, it’s intrinsic as well as not worrying too much about losing the bet, because we know that in reality we are not losing money.


This may give us a false sense of security or force us to meet many cognitive biases that the bettor may go through.

This situation could jeopardize the whole Paper Betting or the idea we want to get out of it. Being without pressure on this kind of registration will not be the same when we have to bet with money, and this can compromise the whole record.

But, now the inverse, many bettors don’t deal well with the pressure of betting, they get scared, they don’t risk so much, and in a Paper Betting register, more relaxed, they even achieve brutal performances.

The weight of money responsibility sometimes limits the bettor, not feeling free to bet as he wished, and once again here Paper Betting can serve as a good “training mode” in order to prepare the bettor to decomplex the factor of betting with real money.


I’ve already mentioned here some nuances where Paper Betting can be “bad” for the bettor, but there’s still some care to be taken, some of them are obvious, but sometimes the obvious is not so obvious for those who start betting these days. Well let’s move on to action and talk here about some cares to have when we go for this kind of registration.

To register on “paper” is one thing, in practice it’s another, don’t lose your minds with the registration, draw conclusions, but don’t forget what I told you above, betting without money is one thing with money is another. And the weight or a bias can be the key to cheat all that betting on paper.

Something that’s obvious, don’t be wrong registring like, man, it wasn’t exactly this way, it should be the other way, just because “the other way” hit. Don’t be fooled, I know that in this process where the responsibility is null, it is easy to erase and do it again, but that compromises your register, this is the obvious call for some people, for others not!

Another care to be taken is to do all the accounts well done at the end of your Paper Betting, and understand them. Make a good analysis and of course only through a good sample you can come to a conclusion on the basis of approximation or the margin of error.

Don’t look at the obvious but try to understand how you got there, what was the path, because if you are going to put it in practice, you will have to know how to use the same path or the same betting method. To understand, to do the math well, to understand it is one of the main cares to have with this method of registration, a simplistic one.

Do not consider after all this that the registration is the ultimate truth, it is always an approximation of something that you seek to validate, a test. Don’t underestimate it, but also don’t give it too much value, think that it’s just a simple and emotionless register, a black and white register.

Dear bettors, here are only a few topics on the subject, this subject can take us to other lessons and can take us to other cares or methodologies, but in short, the main one is here, I think.

I ask you to consider at least some of these topics because it will be important when you want to do a Paper Betting.

Value it, but also look at the other side of the record because it is simplistic and you will always need to see it that way.

The topics were clear in some subjects, so take some care, but also use it in the best way, because it allows you not to spend money or ruin your bankroll management.

It is all for today, good bets and of course, good luck.

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