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Without a doubt, the biggest objective of anyone that comes into this world of sports betting is winning money. But there are differences between looking for an “extra income” or exclusively working on this area.

The illusion of becoming a millionaire!

Online sports betting is a fever in the entire world, and it move true fortunes with the main leagues, be it football, basketball, American sports, etc.


During the entire week we have an infinite number of big events and the window of opportunity to make a value bet is very large.

Due to this wide set of options and great matches, those that come into this world of sports betting tend to have the illusion of easy money and that being profitable is only a matter of understanding the sport.

That way, that false idea that winning is easy because you understand that sport ends up being the main aspect that causes you to lose a lot of money in the short term. Unfortunately, we only learn that after several deposits.

In the long term, most bettors are losing bettors!

It is not a personal opinion, it’s a fact. Most bettors lose money in the long term and there are several reasons for that, and they are inclusively specified in each article about betting bias, published here on the website.

To be clearer, I’ll give my own example.

During years, I imagined that the “easiest” way to win money would be betting on football. Football was the biggest passion throughout my life.

losing money

I watched everything, from sporting debates in every TV channel to decisive league matches and even the ones between teams that were fighting to avoid relegation from the Brazilian Serie B.

And during this entire period, I was a losing bettor. I’ve lost a lot of money, went bankrupt a lot of times and I can definitely say that it was mostly my fault. We have internally an opinion that, if one day we lose in sports betting, it is purely “bad luck”.

Obviously, in most of the matches, after we learn to study a match before investing on it, when our prediction is wrong, we can say it was unfortunate.

The sport is almost unpredictable, and all we can say is analyse and root for our selection.

But the impulse of wanting to always win made me bet on everything, at all times. And besides this compulsion for “profit”, there was another aspect that was even more dangerous: wanting to recover what was lost.

That really increased my chances of losing, because I ended up placing a very high number of bets, and due to the unpredictability of the sport in general, adding to the always unregulated odds, I ended up having a lot of losses at the end of the day.

On most of the markets that have two options I would theoretically have 50% chance of having profit, with the odds being 1.80/1.90 on average.

Example: Match between Liverpool and Chelsea on 1XBet, and the “Over 2.5 Goals” line is at 1.85 odds while the odds offered for “Under 2.5 Goals” are 1.92.

If I bet the same amount on both markets, I will always lose money. Then, with a high betting volume, always with odds lower than 2.00, if I don’t have a good win percentage, I would always lose money.

With that, there was a snowball effect. I would lose, try to recover with even more bets, more odds with this margin losing me money and at the end, the result was the same: bankruptcy.

The change from hobby to profession

That transition is complicated, but it isn’t always necessary to dedicate all of your time to sports betting to be profitable.

I want to clarify that this change wouldn’t mean you quitting your job to only dedicate to sports betting. This path is an alternative for those that have a great amount of money to invest, which isn’t the case for most people.

The practices yes, should be professional, even if you are only able to dedicate 1 hour of your day to sports betting.

A lot of people turn on the television, watch a match and place a small bet just for fun.

I admit it is a great feeling, if you don’t care too much about losing that small bet.

In case you are bothered with that simple loss, just like I was, then it is time to become a professional. Looking for
your own betting methods, in order to make good analysis and find a good opportunity.

Keeping in mind that your performance will be good in the long term and not from one day to the other.

And always reminding that there will be days where you will lose, but with professional conduct, you will weather the storm, and there will also be days where you will be relaxed and secure profit easily.

And good news: even with these conducts, it is still possible to make that small bet on a match just “for fun” and to give it some “more emotion”.

The difference is that you will have more safety and be less nervous with the risks that these conditions bring you. Good luck!





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