What started out as an exhibition tournament for charity ended up becoming a true problem for the organizers – Djokovic’s brother and Goran Ivanisevic – after several participating players contracted the new coronavirus.


One of the situations that stood out as the tournament was taking place was the lack of safety measures on it, considering the huge presence of spectators on the stands, as well as basketball matches and actions within the community.

The absence of face masks was also noted as a clear disregard of the sanitary measures adopted a little bit all around the world, especially on public events.

But it seems like this attempt of exciting the people of their own country was a poor idea from Novak Djokovic, his brother and the former player Goran Ivanisevic, that’s because the cases of tennis players infected that were now announced can be a sign that many other people have also contracted the COVID-19 virus.


For now, the record of infected players seems to be full of superstars, with Novak Djokovic, Viktor Troicki, Borna Coric and Grigor Dimitrov, all of them infected.

Besides them, Troicki’s wife – who is pregnant – also tested positive for the virus, as well as Jelena Djokovic, the wife of the current world no. 1 of tennis.

Grigor Dimitrov’s coach and Novak Djokovic’s physical trainer also didn’t escape the contagion and they are part of a list that seems to be increasing.

Novak Djokovic had been criticized by the organization of this tournament, especially taking into consideration the fact the matches count with the presence of sell-out crowds in practically every encounter of this event.

The Serbian tennis player always alleged that his country and the regions where the tournament was taking place – Belgrado and Zadar – were safe and relatively free, sort of justifying that there wasn’t that much of a need for too many precautions to be taken, a decision that would eventually prove to be completely wrong and harmful.


Naturally, Novak Djokovic already apologised publicly for what happened and acknowledged that it was in fact too soon for this kind of events to take place, since the virus is still very present a bit all over the world.

The Serbian tennis player said that the tournament organization and himself will help to finance every cost with health expenses on behalf of the tournament organization, that is, every test and hospital stay that is necessary as a consequence of it.

The Serbian player – highly charismatic in his country – still left a message for all of those who have attended the event or wandered near the locations where the tournament was taking place for them to try and take tests in order to check if they are infected.

As I’ve mentioned above, Novak Djokovic’s wife, Jelena, also contracted the disease, which means both will go into isolation for at least 15 days.

This is truly a situation where the lightness this virus was approached with showed, once again, how easily the contagion can happen.

It seems ever clearer that, while there isn’t an effective vaccine or an efficient medical treatment that we will all have to stay very cautious, because how quickly the virus can be transmitted is still impressive.


One of the ugly ducklings of world tennis, frequently criticized by the pross and some players by his somewhat undisciplined attitudes inside and outside of the court, quickly came to public to criticize the organization of the tournament and how everything played out.

Even night parties took place, with several players having been recorded dancing, on a complete alienation of reality.

The Australian player even said that, despite maybe having done a couple of stupid or irresponsible things in the past, he had never seen something so ridiculous and irresponsible as what the tennis players and tournament organizers had done.

To substantiate his claims, the controversial Australian tennis player with Greek roots insisted on posting a video of that party where we could see several players partying spiritedly and with a clear lack of social distancing.

Well, prone for controversies, Kyrgios didn’t waste this opportunity of criticizing several colleagues for their irresponsibility, highlighting that on the case of the worldwide pandemic Kyrgios has been an example of moderation and help to many people who live close to his house.

This is a case where we can say that Kyrgios will be happy on the inside, although he has also wished a speedy recovery to the tennis players who were infected, as it was almost mandatory…

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