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NFL Draft 2020 – Tee Higgins – Who is Tee Higgins?

NFL Draft 2020 – Tee Higgins – Coming out of high school he was considered a 5-star athlete (highest rating possible)

Being the 2nd best player on his position in the whole United States.

but the fact is that they’ve been finding the winning way and sometimes winning comfortably.

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He received scholarships offers from universities like Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, Tennessee and Clemson and he opted to defend the colors of the Tigers.

Throughout his career in Clemson, he had a total of 135 receptions, for 2.448 yards and 27 touchdowns scored. He was named the First Team All-ACC in 2019 and was elected the MVP of the ACC Championship Game against Virginia.

Why will he be drafted?

We’ll start off by speaking about Tee Higgins straight away from where he can get being efficient: the red zone. His height makes him a natural target, but he is also fluid and is able to run some good routes within short space.

He did very well running slants on that situation. He is a good runner, knows how to handle the CB well, has good technique but he is not a natural splitter.

A slant is a fast route where the WR is able to gain some space and when it fails, it’s because of two reasons: Firstly, the WR isn’t agile enough and secondly, the WR sells his fake poorly and the CB anticipates it. Higgins has those two issues.

Against Jeff Okudah (best cornerback of the class) he was outclassed and had a lot of problems. To be effective on this kind of situation, the WR needs to have good body control.

He should be able to adjust himself to passing and use his wingspan to attack the ball where the CB wouldn’t have the chance to do that. And Higgins’ body control is more efficient than just adjusting to the pass well.

That skillset is what we call ball skill and that is what maintains Higgins at the top of my board. He is capable of creating the separation necessary to make the reception, even if it isn’t that clear.

My only problem with him on this kind of play is that he doesn’t utilize all of his length properly. He can de better, have more momentum when it is time to catch the ball.

Despite that, his hands aren’t that steady. According to the Pro Football Focus, he had 6 drops this season, which results on a high percentage of 8.6%. I don’t think that the focus is the main responsible for them. Higgins needs to have steady hands to play in the NFL.

One of Higgins’ strong points that is somewhat underestimated is his ability to enable deep balls. Passes on his direction travel on average 16 yards and he also made 15 receptions for over 20 yards.

Higgins is very weak beating the press and he doesn’t have the right profile to play in the slot on the NFL. That’s a weakness that should set him back on the boards and can cause him some problems at first in the NFL.

On the game against Ohio State, Okudah exposed that weakness and that rang the alarm regarding his potential performance in the NFL. In the NFL, unless the WR fits the slot receiver profile, he doesn’t survive without beating the press coverage.

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NFL Draft 2020 – Tee Higgins – Betting Tips: :

Tee Higgins, as every prospect leaving college, has his strengths and weaknesses.

I believe that his ability to create separation is good, but on the NFL level he will need to improve. Regarding the drops, I’m not worried. I believe he will be picked amongst the top 35.

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Tee Higgins - Under 34.5

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