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In the evening of September 2nd of 2019, the negotiation between Paris Saint Germain and Barcelona finally ended, involving Neymar. With the closing of the Spanish transfer window, the club that could still take the attacker from his doom, is now unable to do so.
Now we will see the consequences of that frustrated attempt of rupture.

Neymar was the biggest loser in this negotiation

I don’t have the slightest of doubts that amongst all parties involved, the one that was impaired the most with this story was certainly the player. We have had long weeks of negotiation, speculations and several awkward situations, that have damaged Neymar’s public image more than anything else.

Neymar’s novel finally comes to an end: He is staying!

The biggest desire of Neymar wasn’t going to Barcelona, because if that was his great objective, he wouldn’t have left. Returning to Spain was a secondary objective, since leaving Paris was explicitly his main goal.

With all of this, the image of Neymar amongst the French fans and also amongst his teammates and board of the club was even more frayed.

The biggest supporters’ group of the club even got to the point of singing offensive chants for the player, putting up banners of disapproval to Neymar and even getting the club fined by the French federation, for those hateful acts.

News report that Neymar’s relationship with Leonard, that is currently the main link between the club’s board and the players, is awful.

The player and director aren’t speaking to each other, precisely because Neymar believes that Leonardo chased him, and never helped him conclude his transfer.

The leaders of the group might help him seek reconciliation within the locker room, however, what will make the fans forgive a clear act of indifference or apathy towards the club and the fans from Paris?

Neymar ended up in the worst-case scenario: he didn’t leave Paris, clearly showing that he doesn’t care about the club, fighting with the fans and having a bad relationship within the locker room.

Was the outcome positive for PSG?

For PSG, what was worth the most amongst all this novel was surely their position upon the market. Clearly the club is trying to rise again in the scenario of European giants, and after picking up Neymar and forming a luxurious team, they managed to climb a couple of steps.

They are still lacking the title, because the Champions League is the only link that can really connect them to the biggest clubs of the continent. Their league is weak, they are dominant domestically and the spotlight were almost never on their direction.

Since Neymar went to France, the world speaks about the club, and their shirts were bought all over the 4 corners of the globe, with their television and ticket revenue increasing drastically.

On this negotiation, their status as entity was at stake. Losing Neymar by a meaningless amount was out of question for the president Nasser Al-Khelaifi. Money isn’t the problem for him or the club, but beyond the financial aspect, this was a matter of pride.


PSG made a statement, towards the other teams in Europe, that they are not in the market as sellers. They’ve turned down several offers, that in my opinion were a mistake to refuse.

Most of them was saying no to 150 million Euros and also receiving 3 players from the Spanish club.

Let’s face it, Neymar’s moment of form, this amount, added to the market value of the players involved was even bigger than the one the French club spent on the Brazilian a couple of seasons ago.

What wasn’t at stake were the financial or technical aspects, but rather a battle of pride between the club and the player. And without a shadow of doubt, PSG came out on top.

PSG announces Icardi and Navas!

At the end of this troubled novel, there was still time for the French club to announce two new big-name signings. The goalkeeper that won several titles with Real Madrid Keylor Navas and the attacker from Internazionale Mauro Icardi landed in Paris.

In terms of the goalkeeper, I have no doubts that he was a spectacular addition, when compared to the one they had and the reputation of this player.

As for the attacker, I think it was a good move, although he will end up fighting for a spot against Cavani.

icardi psg

If Neymar is willing, and his relationship with the fans and the environment on the locker room end up helping, PSG should be strong.

They are still missing a European title, because as I’ve said, they reign supreme domestically, and since their league isn’t strong, they end up not having enough power abroad.

PSG is haven of disagreement, and the season already started off with the wrong foot. All that is left for us to see is if everything will come together, or if they will break down. We will now see if this changes PSG’s status amongst the bookmakers.




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