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On the past Saturday we have witnessed one of the strangest moments in football of recent years, with the Brazilian star Neymar being disciplined by the referee of the match for having attempted a “rainbow” over an opponent during PSG’s match where they’ve beaten Montpellier by 5-0.

When the referee wants to control the show…

Does it make sense for a referee to intervene and even discipline a player for apparently mocking or humiliating an opponent thanks to his superior technical quality? Of course not!

neymar carretilha

In football, just like in any other sport, it is the brilliance of the best players that make people want to watch the matches live or through the television.

Therefore, performing a “rainbow” at a stage where the encounter is settled shouldn’t even be a topic for conversation.

But Jérôme Brisard, referee of the match, didn’t have the same opinion and considered the artistic skill of the Brazilian player a disrespect to the opposition that was losing by considerable numbers and was even down to 10-men.

The question here: Why is it Neymar’s fault that his club is being very superior, that way allowing some moments of relaxation that sometimes lead to “rainbows” and more spectacular skills?

The world of football has been reacting negatively and condemning the excessive authoritarianism of a referee’s whose main task is going under the radar in a match, unless he is forced to intervene in periods of conflict between players, which obviously wasn’t the case.

Neymar’s harassment is an old topic

But why is Neymar constantly involved in controversy – whether he has responsibility for it or not?

Well, his style of “young kid from the favela” always ready to stand tall against opponents or referees tends to generate some hatred that always ends up appearing in really unusual ways.

All of us remember that his consistent “dives” and “dramas” on the 2014 World Cup were heavily discussed a bit all over the world and the player went through some troubled periods recently.

His trend to spice plays up with beautiful dribbles or spectacular passes tends to originate rougher tackles from the opponents, but what we saw on this occasion was really too much.

Naturally, Neymar didn’t react well at all to the situation and he made sure he showed it to the referee of the encounter during and after the match.

Nobody can remain indifferent to getting a yellow card for simply performing a “rainbow” near the touch line.

Trend to look for problems

Despite his innocence in this play of a match of the Ligue 1, the truth is that Neymar also has several cases outside of football where his responsibility is much larger.

The Brazilian attacker seems to be a clear fan of parties and he was already spotted on several events that have a very negative connotation for a professional football player of this caliber.

And it seems like that happened again on Sunday. The Brazilian player had his birthday on Wednesday, but he wanted to anticipate that celebration to Sunday.

The club’s manager Thomas Tuchel was sorry that the player scheduled that party for 2 days before the club’s next encounter, who were playing in Nantes on Tuesday.

However, Neymar is already a regular on this kind of situations and we must deal with it, because he is one of the best players in the world and he clearly has a lot of value to the Parisian side.

Thomas Tuchel has even said that “he wasn’t his dad”, showcasing a clear discomfort regarding the situation, especially taking into consideration the kind of parties that Neymar usually throws.

A season that reminds the club of old memories

In any case, Neymar has been doing is job on the pitch this season, presenting very solid numbers playing for PSG and showcasing his quality when he is able to stay away from the physical problems that have been affecting them for the past couple of years.

So far, Neymar has 18 official matches played for PSG in 2019/20, having scored 15 goals and made assists to 10 others, which means, he has been contributing on more than 1 goal per match.

With the company of Kylian Mbappé on the attacking front – 22 goals and 13 assists in 25 matches – PSG clearly has one of the most lethal attacks in the planet and they will surely have legitimate aspirations of finally being able to fight for the Champions League’s title.

And the markets seem to be aware of the quality of this Paris Saint-Germain, evaluating the French club as the 4th biggest favourite to win the 2019/20 Champions League with odds of 7.50 according to 1xbet.

If both players are able to dodge physical problems until the decisive moments of the competition, I believe that PSG is a serious contender this season.





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