In the dispute between the five time champions and the team who was still looking to win their first title, won the team that is already used to the big decisions. Bayern won their sixth Champions League trophy and proved to be the best team in the world nowadays.


Even before the ball started rolling, there was a great expectation in how both teams would perform considering the differences in the characteristics of both teams.

Bayern was supported by a collective game, almost like a production line, where each sector performs automatically, turning their structure into a major gear, which never stops.

PSG on the other hand, would have to show more efficiency on using their 3 attack parts: Neymar, Di Maria and Mbappé.

The french team is far from being considered a bad team but it’s quite clear that if their attackers are in a day below the expectations, little can be created colectively.

Looking at the match, we could see that each team tried to put to work their best characteristics in order to impose on their opponent.

Bayern played a ball possession game, placing almost all of their lines on the offensive field, with their full backs participating a lot on the offensive movement, and therefore creating a good numeric condition in every sector of the field.

On the other end, PSG abdicated of controlling the midfield, totally lowered their lines, prioritized to close the center of its area, and in every single ball possession recovered there was a direct connection with their front 3 men.


In a balanced first half, was PSG who had the most real goal chances. Each one of their stars lost a clear goal chance: Neymar was denied by Neuer, Di Maria shot over after getting inside the area, and Mbappé, in their best chance, fired a weak shot in the middle of the goal.

Bayern also got close to the goal as Lewandowski hit the woodwork and forced a great save by Navas.

Bayern was pressing the french when they were trying to build on their attack and were winning the ball back every single time, however they could not overpower PSG as they did against Barcelona.


Even though Bayern had more ball possession and good offensive movements, i dare say that PSG’s proposal in the first half was superior.

The french wanted to implement a strong defense, playing Marquinhos as a defensive midfielder ahead of two solid center backs, and two full backs aiding the center backs.

They were able to do it, and besides that, they sometimes managed to connect good transitions with 3 men of vertical ability.

In the second half however, they could not do it anymore, and Bayern turned out to be what everyone expected. A ball controlling team, gagged PSG‘s midffield, and the ball almost never left the french defensive zone.

The ball was going from side to side, hoping to find a little hole in the french defense, and the front men standing still, as it was against the spanish.

As the old saying would say: “Water dropping day by day wears the hardest rock away”. And after insisting so much, in a great team play, the ball came free for the fullback Kimmich to cross towards Coman’s head, who entered freely by the left side, opening the score for the germans.

PSG arrived rarely and created few goal chances. The best of those chances came through Marquinhos, who was denied by Neuer. The french trio hardly had the ball, and when that happened, there was already a red army on top of them.


They lacked strength aswel as playing options, in other words, they missed the teamwork Bayern showed a lot.

Bayern is deservedly the Champions League champion, putting themselves as the best team in the world.
Confirming that football goes beyond having one or two stars in the squad, and that teamwork is able to beat everything and everyone.


In games like this it’s expected the big stars to shine. It is true that this match was full of them, but in particular some of them created bigger expectations.

In PSG’s side, Neymar was without a doubt that player, who arrived at this match as the strongest candidate in the dispute for the award of best player in the world, helping to take PSG to a first time Champions League final.

On Bayern’s side, Lewandowski was the big name, with 55 goals scored in the season, Bundesliga topgoalscorer, Champions League topgoalscorer, and also one of the main favorites to win the award of best player of the season.

None of the two had the night they all expected. Lewandowski had two good chances to score during the first half, had a shot off the woodwork, but was triggered much less than expected.

Neymar also had a clear chance in the first half, made two or three good runs and helped taking some danger on the counter attacks. As time went by, he lost some of his strength, until he fade away into the parisan stagnation for the rest of the match.

Coman, who scored the only goal of the match, was elected the best player in the final. It was a good choice and maybe just for his goal, but the french was quite good. Good offensive volume, a nice presence in the area and even denied by Thiago Silva who saved a ball almost over the goal line.

But besides the german teamwork, i would like to enphasis a particular name: Thiago Alcântara. The midfielder’s security is something extraordinary, and simply summarizes what it was Bayern’s control.

A calm player that doesn’t go for the senseless kick, that values the ball possession, always keeps the team ahead in the field, and few times gives a useless pass when there’s no possibility of keeping a good play.

Thiago was a beast in german’s midfield that controlled the match, and was responsible for winning the ball back aswell as not letting the french play too.

Some say that the team that values the ball possession has few chances of conceding goals, because the ball is not with the opposing side, and few times that was clearly seen in this match.


The Champions League barely finished and it’s already starting again. The qualification phase is already running and soon we’ll have the group draw for the 2020/21 season.

We still had some market movement about next season transfers. I believe Bayern will maintain their role as favorites and reach the decisive phases once again.

They should keep a big parte of the squad and add some specific hires. One already confirmed is the attacker Sané, while Thiago Alcântara is on his way to England.

PSG however, will have to reassemble because i truly doubt that Neymar will stay in Paris for another season.

Thiago Silva will probably wear Chelsea’s colours next season and besides that, it is clear that the team has to reinforce themselves as a group and not just by spending a money truck in one or two big names.

The 2021 season starts now, we will be looking to bring all the news, repercussions, analysis and hints on the big events that are waiting for us. Wait for it !

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