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New Orleans Pelicans vs Portland Trailblazers – NBA: Starting off by the New Orleans Pelicans,

They ended the regular season with a 48-34 record, which gave them the 6th place. This is a team that was able to win big on the season in terms of “trades”.

With the incredible strength that the Western Conference has (they were already the best, but they became even stronger) there were teams that improved a lot and the team from New Orleans was one of those examples.

They ended up signing DeMarcus Cousins and it had been his duo with Anthony Davis that made them scary, along with the help of other players like Holiday and, more recently, Mirotic.

Unfortunately, Cousins, for many, the best “center” in the NBA, got injured on the achilles tendon and that ended the season for him, since he won’t be able to play in the play-offs.

In anyway, this is game 3 and the Pelicans have won the previous 2, having Anthony Davis been the highlight (like it was expected).

The Portland Trailblazers have finished with a 49-33 record and only a 1-win difference gave them the 3rd place of the always complicated Western Conference, which was a great surprise.

On the trade deadline, they didn’t make any major moves and the team has always been empowered by Lillard, but we have seen some other players showing up like CJ Mccolum, Aminu and Nurkic.

The team has been playing better defensively this year and that is a considerable improvement to how they were playing previously.

Now speaking about the first 2 games, both of them losses, like I’ve already said, the team has been allowing a lot of “runs” and even on the last game, they were winning at half-time (by 5)

and allowed a 21-4 run that gave the advantage to the Pelicans, who never let it go again.

Obviously, we also have to highlight Lillard’s weak performance, that hasn’t even managed to score 20 points yet on this series and had 7 turnovers on the last game.

New Orleans Pelicans vs Portland Trailblazers – Betting Tip and Prediction:

This won’t be an easy game for either of these teams.

The Pelicans have been doing well on the back-court (Rondo and Holiday are playing well) and also beyond the arch, while the Blazers have been doing better on rebounds.

I didn’t expect the Trailblazers to lose the 2 games at home and now they need at least a victory to return home again.

I believe that victory might happen tonight. The team ends up being superior and Lillard has to return to good form.

I want to believe they will at least cover the spread, possibly getting a win in the process as well.





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