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Betting Guide – New Bettor Principles

Each bettor learns with his experience and with his gains and/or losses and ends developing his own methods to bet.

but there are almost universal and pretty simple principles, that can make the difference between winning and losing.

Minimally documented bet

The more information about the teams, the players and facts related to a particular game we have in our possession, the safer we can be of what we are going to bet. It’s wise to bet in sports that we dominate, in championships that we know, in teams that we have some knowledge, both in relation to the teams that compose them, as in relation to possible casualties due to injuries, disciplinary impediments or possible savings in these same teams.

It’s also important to know the actual and recent form of the teams that face each other and be aware of statistical data and, if possible, even some statistical curiosities regarding direct confronts or certain players, that can reveal good betting possibilities.

Separate the heart from reason

Be very careful when the time to bet on the heart club comes. The adept irrationality may lead one to believe that “my team never loses”, but that isn’t quite so. In case of betting on a game in which the team of the heart loses, the defeat and sadness will be double.

It also reveals to be important resist to vice/addiction and to impulse. Many times a bet is made by the simple fact of being seated in front of the computer, with nothing to occupy the time, ending by betting on modalities and sports that we have almost no knowledge. This can be a mistake. We can even hit the first right, the second, the third, but we have to be aware that we are shooting in the dark, otherwise the fall can be bigger, faster and more painful than the climb.

No one always wins

Learning to live with it will be one of the first steps to give to achieve success in medium or long term. Everyone loses bets, ones more frequently, others less, but you can be sure that everyone fails. For that, it’s important to remain calm when recovering losses. Trying to recover immediately, without deep breathing and studying the next games, can be fatal and lead to losses becoming almost exponential. In betting, rush in not usually a good companion.

Try to bet on quiet places and in a peace state of spirit. In betting mistakes are, for diverse times, incorrigible. It is highly advisable to bet with the necessary time, calmly, with concentration and never under states of nervous or alcoholic alterations.

No guess is infallible

No matter how well founded you are, the bet seems to have everything to go the right way, but it might go wrong. And if you follow tips from someone, assume that risk as yours. Each time we bet, even with an idea given by another person, from the moment we submit the bet, it is ours.  If we win, the profit will be ours. If we lose, the loss and the guilt will also have to be ours.

In short, the most basic and first principle that all bettors must set is RESPONSIBILITY. Each one is responsible by their account and their money and must make a calculated, conscious and pondered management of their bets. If this is coupled with a right amount of study, strategy and attention, the first steps to success are taken. Then you have to be aware that everyone fails and everyone falls.

The difference between good bettors and the others is in learning with every mistake and every fall. 

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