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Sports seem to be close to returning soon all around the world. The most recent news about the NBA say that the return is starting to be discussed with more intensity, and there is already a favourite location.


The United States are still facing very difficult times on the fight with the COVID-19 outbreak. The numbers are still scary but looking on the bright side (if it is at all possible), although the numbers still look dire, the peak of the disease is seemingly behind us and the curve seems to be declining.

NBA should return in July with matches at Disney World

With that, the authorities are already planning how the country will return to “normality” in the next couple of months. Speaking about sports, UFC already returned to activity and we had 3 events on the past couple of weeks that have really agitated the sports and sports betting universe. The NBA seems to be the next sport in line to return in the USA. News coming from there say the competition is expected to return during the month of July.

The north american media outlet The Athletic announced this week that the favourite place to host the rest of the NBA season is Disneyland. The famous theme park in Orlando has a huge resort, that provides the ideal structure and organization to host the teams.

A source connected to the resort told The Athletic that they’re confident to host the NBA, even if it’s just to finish the rest of the season. This is a doubt that is still present because the league hasn’t informed if the season will be played in its entirety or if there will be changes on the return.

There are about 20 games left per team for the regular season to end, and to decide who advances onto the playoffs. The Disney World Resort still has Las Vegas’ competition on the fight to host the return of the NBA season. Although the Disney Resort, as it stands, appears as the big favourite, the Sin City still dreams about this honor (and profit, obviously).


On the first half of this month of May, the NBA commissioner Adam Silver said that the decision regarding the rest of the season, and also the location of the games, would take between two to four weeks. That way, it seems like we’re about to have a definitive decision about the league’s future.

The Disney Resort should be the chosen location, since its structure allows for several hotel rooms, enough to cover the teams and their respective staff, and finally end the season. Besides that, it already counts with several basketball courts and has the adequate structure for the broadcasting equipment.

According to ESPN’s information, the franchises will receive the coordinates within the next couple of days, to know how they will handle their return to practice. The expectation is that the activities of reconditioning will be announced on June 1st and the league can continue in the first couple of weeks of June.

If the news seem exciting, at first, there are still some conditions that need to be fulfilled by the franchises. A lot of them have several foreign player, which means several important players of these teams aren’t even in the United States, and that will be a huge initial difficulty.

According to American journalists, the initial idea was that after the athletes were called back, there would be 1 or 2 weeks of only physical reconditioning, with individual training, and then another 3 weeks of collective training, that are usually called “training camps”.


That way, the teams will have to hurry to make sure their foreign athletes return as soon as possible, in order not to delay the restart of the competition, or worse, start the decisive stage of the fight for the playoff spots without very important players.

Only to remind you of some very prestigious foreign players, they are: the Greek Giannis Antetokounmpo (Bucks), the Cameroonian Joel Embiid (76ers), the Serbian Nikola Jokic (Nuggets), the Slovenian Luka Doncic (Mavericks), amongst many other quality players.

A team that will struggle on this return is the Toronto Raptors. The Canadian team continues to follow the law enforced by their country, that has been very strict in terms of controlling and fighting the COVID-19. In Canada, any person that arrives from a foreign country should be in total isolation for 14 days, which would really affect the plans of the current NBA champions.

The NBA organizers should say something soon and then we will have the dates and the requirements of the return. We will keep an eye out for it and bring you the latest news about the return of this and other sports around the world. Follow us!





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