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At a stage where Newcastle’s future owners are still waiting for the approval of the Premier League to be able to confirm the acquisition of the club, their president Mohamed Bin Salman has already offered a hefty contract to the manager Mauricio Pochettino for next season.


After the meteoric ascension of Manchester City in the past couple of years due to the strong investment of their new owners, and already after that had happened with Chelsea with Roman Abramovich, now it’s time for the historical Newcastle United. The club that plays at the mythical St. James Park should change owners very soon, with Make Ashley selling his percentage of the club to a Saudi group that promises to revolutionize the club’s football and even English football on its entirety.

Multimillionaire Newcastle want Mauricio Pochettino

Ever since this possibility gained strength in the past couple of weeks the names of the players that might come to the club in the next couple of seasons have been flourishing, highlighting players that currently have no room at their own clubs but that are very experienced such as Gareth Bale, James Rodríguez or Arturo Vidal.

On the renewed Newcastle, all of them could be highlight players on the most competitive European league, something that would certainly please them, not to mention the remuneration aspect that certainly wouldn’t be a problem taking into consideration the financial power of the club’s new owners.


In that sense, it would be important to recruit a reputable manager that, besides being respected by most of the players and press, also already had some considerable experience in the Premier League. The Argentinian manager Mauricio Pochettino seems to fit perfectly onto these requirements, after having elevated Southampton and then Tottenham on his two most recent projects.

He is clearly a manager with the ability to guide clubs for several seasons and with Newcastle looking to build a strong roster, he might be the ideal solution. In fact, Pochettino was important in building the Spurs’ current roster, giving opportunities to several quality youngsters and hiring in a very intelligent fashion, without spending too much money.

In a certain way, he might be fundamental on the balance of a roster that will probably have some superstars like Gareth Bale or James Rodríguez, but that should also receive several young promising players of English football like Jack Grealish, for example.

At Tottenham, Poch was able to do it supremely and he can utilize that experience to elevate Newcastle to the top 4 of the Premier League quickly, position where he put the Spurs on constantly during his reign in the Northeast of London.


Mauricio Pochettino recently gave an interview where he expressed his desire of managing in the Premier League and at a stage where the main English clubs seem safe and satisfied with their managers, the arrival of Newcastle might be the ideal opportunity and challenge for the Argentinian.

Taking a team that generally fights to avoid relegation and turning them to top 4 contenders is always a challenge, independently of the money involved on the move, and Pochettino seems to be passionate about projects. Besides that, the club’s new owner has already prepared a hefty offer for his services of around 21 million pounds annually, more than doubling the 9.6 he received this season at Tottenham, going from 16th best paid manager in the world to the 9th place on the rankings.

That would put Pochettino amongst Zinedine Zidane – that receives 23 million at Real Madrid – and Ernesto Valverde – that receives around 19 million years annually at Barcelona.


On the most recent interview of Mauricio Pochettino to BT Sports, he didn’t forget his stay at Tottenham, suggesting that he has the dream of one day returning to conclude his work at the club that, in his opinion, is incomplete. Leading the SPURS, Poch was able to finish in 2nd place in the Premier League and in the Champions League, but he failed to win titles because he left the club without a single trophy.

This way, and taking into consideration the affection he has for the club’s people, Mauricio Pochettino left very clear that he has the desire of managing the club again in the future, although right now he is more focused in embracing a new project.

A potential return to the club where he really entered the spotlight of international football will certainly be postponed for several years or even decades, and taking into consideration that the Argentinian is a young manager, he will certainly have time to do it at a more advanced stage of his career.





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