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The Major League Soccer (MLS) is the United States’ football league and today it is one of the great passions of the North Americans. With expansion and a great organizational development on the last couple of seasons, it promises to be one of the great competitions in the future, inclusively with great players.

The MLS of the future: Objective of being at the top of worldwide competitions

When compared to other sports of the United States, such as the basketball of the NBA or NFL’s American football, MLS is still a project of a great competition to the world.

MLS will be a powerhouse in the future

The success reached by the American competitions is something that is consolidated around the planet, but it generates a lot of expectations of the North Americans being able to be a powerhouse in another sport.

The MLS has been having a ridiculous growth in terms of the organization of the competition, revenue generated within the country, and it is starting to attract more interest from the foreign crowd as well.

According to Forbes magazine, until 2017, the 24 franchises of the MLS generated a revenue of almost 800 million dollars.

This phenom has been consequently generating more investment possibilities, especially in terms of great signings, and increasing the number of eyes on the competition.

The arrival of players with a worldwide reputation was another aspect that increased the foreign crowd.

With David Beckham, David Villa, Thierry Henry, Steven Gerrard, Kaká, amongst others, the world started to look into this sport in the United States, with the competition growing in audience, money invested and worldwide television rights.

The freshest face of the MLS is without a doubt Ibrahimovic. The Swedish superstar attracts fans due to his huge talent on the pitch and the rumours that surround him, and his temper also bring the attention of his many fans around the globe.

The objective is continuing to import great talents from world football and continue having the attentions turned towards this competition.

Engineering something close to what we see today in the NBA or another american sports in terms of organization and becoming a universal benchmark
At the moment, there are 24 clubs playing in this competition, and 3 more franchises are confirmed until 2021, and their objective is reaching the number of 30 clubs during the next decade.

Phenomenon in the USA, the MLS is a big investment opportunity

The commissioner of the Major League Soccer, Don Garber, stated this month that the MLS will be able to become a global powerhouse in the next 20 years, inclusively having the possibility of attracting the best players from Europe.

We still don’t know if this is viable, but right now the MLS is already a phenomenon within the United States and they already divide the national passion with the American football and basketball.

According to Garber, the North Americans are already very interested in the sport through the television, generating even bigger audiences than the NFL.

The scenario for investment on this competition improved a lot during the past couple of seasons. Right now, the MLS is a great competition even for sports betting.

They generate a big profit on bookmakers such as Bet365 or 1XBet that each season offer more and more markets for this competition, and they’ve had a significant increase of investment in this league.

The MLS is one of the leagues with the highest average of goals per match, with most of the teams having averages higher than 3 goals per match.

They currently have a sorting system very similar to the NBA

With Eastern and Western conferences, each one qualifying 7 teams, that will play in the play-offs and then fight for the league title.

This is a competition that, when compared to other great leagues, such as the Brazilian Serie A, for example, has a bigger room for growth and higher possibilities of getting closer to the great European powerhouses financially speaking.

They are still far from being able to attract superstars at the peak of their careers, but they already manage to make good offers for players that are still in great shape, such as Ibra.

In Brazil, most of the clubs aren’t even able to pay their bills on time and pay their employees at the end of the month. The investment power of the Brazilian clubs is very low today, barring some rare exceptions.

It is practically impossible to imagine a lot of Brazilian clubs being able to sign European stars these days.
Therefore, what’s left for them is signing Brazilian or South American players that already come to Brazil to close out their careers.

The model here is also tawdry, with a long schedule that doesn’t bring a lot of people to the stadiums.

The current MLS would be a great example of a good organization and a good way to generate revenue for a lot of more “traditional” football countries.




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