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Minnesota Timberwolves vs Los Angeles Clippers: Timberwolves and Clippers face off in

another round of the NBA’s regular season at the Target Center, in Minneapolis.

This is a direct match-up and an extremely important game for both teams, because it puts up the 8th place against the 9th place in the West, with the two teams being separated only by 1 win.

The Minnesota Timberwolves have 40 wins and 31 losses, with a 56.3% win-rate.  The team suffers from some inconsistency, because they are one of the best teams in the NBA playing at home, but then they struggle on the road.

As hosts, they have 26 wins and 9 losses, which results on a 71.3% win-rate.

In 2018, the team has played 17 games and has 14 wins and 3 losses, which means they have won 82.35% of the games they’ve played this year, and with one interesting detail: two of those 3 losses were against the Houston Rockets, that are unstoppable this season.

The team has struggled a little bit after the injury of their superstar Jimmy Butler.

\However, now they are already balanced again, and they count with the reinforcement of Derick Rose, a player that was MVP at the hands of their current coach.

A loss here would really make life harder for the Timberwolves that have a very good team and have been failing to reach the play-offs since 2004, the biggest drought in the entire NBA.

Their last 5 games at home were:

18.03.18 NBA Minnesota Timberwolves Houston Rockets 120 x 129
11.03.18 NBA Minnesota Timberwolves Golden State Warriors 109 x 103
08.03.18 NBA Minnesota Timberwolves Boston Celtics 109 x 117
24.02.18 NBA Minnesota Timberwolves Chicago Bulls 122 x 104
16.02.18 NBA Minnesota Timberwolves Los Angeles Lakers 119 x 111

The  Minnesota Timberwolves have won the previous 3 games against the Clippers this season

The Los Angeles Clippers will also play with full intensity here, because a victory here would leave them very close to overtaking these Minnesota Timberwolves and would give the team a lot of morale on the fight for the play-off spots.

The team had been ruled out after losing their superstar Blake Griffin. However, they were able to setup a good team that has been playing surprisingly well.

After that, the team also lost their 2nd best player and, surprisingly, improved its performance even more.

Many expected a weak campaign from the team, but they’ve countered every analysis and is fighting up there.

The team is balanced, they have a good campaign at home and on the road. Overall, they have 37 wins and 32 losses, which results on a 53.6% win-rate.

On the road, they have 17 wins and 17 losses, which is a 50% win-rate. However, in 2018, they have 10 wins and 5 losses, which is a 66.67% win-rate.

The schedule was rough with the team and forced them to play here after a streak where they’ve faced the Rockets and the Thunder on the road and the Blazers at home. The team lost those 3 matches and now they need to recover.

Their last 5 games on the road were:
16.03.18 NBA Oklahoma City Thunder Los Angeles Clippers 121 x 113
15.03.18 NBA Houston Rockets Los Angeles Clippers 101 x 96
13.03.18 NBA Chicago Bulls Los Angeles Clippers 106 x 112
28.02.18 NBA Denver Nuggets Los Angeles Clippers 120 x 122
23.02.18 NBA Phoenix Suns Los Angeles Clippers 117 x 128

Analyzing the Clippers’ schedule on the road, we see that they’ve had 6 difficult games on their last 10 games (against the Thunder, Rockets, Nuggets, Celtics, Warriors and the 76ers) and 4 easiest matches (Suns, Pistons, Nets and Bulls).

Of those 6 very difficult games, the team has lost 4 and has won 2, while winning all 4 of the games against easier opponents.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs Los Angeles Clippers – Betting Tip and Prediction:

Summarizing, this will be a tense game from start to finish. However, I believe that the home advantage will be decisive for the Timberwolves and they will win, that way getting closer to the play-offs.

Missing out on the play-offs this season would be tragical for a team that spent part of the season amongst the top 4 of the conference.




Minnesota Timberwolves

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