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Martingale is a system created by former casinos

This system relies on doubling your stake after every losing bet and starting again from the initial stake after a winning bet in order to reach profit.

For example, by betting 10€ on a result with a 50% chance of happening and an odd of 2.0. If this bet loses, you’ll do the same thing, but betting 20€ instead. This second bet also lost? Then you should double your stake again, until you win a bet:

  1. STEP 1 – 1st bet – Stake 10€ = Bet loses
  2. STEP 2 – 2nd bet – Stake 20€ = Bet loses
  3. STEP 3 – 3rd bet – Stake 40€ = Bet loses
  4. STEP 4 – 4th bet – Stake 80€ = Bet loses
  5. STEP 5 – 5th bet – Stake 160€ = BET WINS (then we start over)
  6. STEP 1 – 6th bet – Stake 10€ = BET WINS (we won again, so we start again)
  7. STEP 1 – 7th bet – Stake 10€ = Bet loses
  8. STEP 2 – The cycle keeps going….

As you can see on the given example, we won our 5th bet and our profit will be 160€ – (10+20+40+80)€ = 10€.

That is the Martingale rule. We have the same profit after any winning bet, whether we win on the 1st or the 5th bet.

Our 6th bet also won, and our profit is 10€ once again.

If we don’t win until the 7th bet, our total lost stake will be 1270€ = (10+20+40+80+160+360+640)€.

Losing 7 bets in a row isn’t impossible and I’m sure it happens to even the best bettors on the long term.

I want to tell you a bit of my story regarding this topic. About 3 years ago, a friend of mine visited me and told me that we needed to speak straight away. He was so excited that I couldn’t refuse his offer. We got out of the coffee shop and he started telling me about the amazing strategy he had invented (!).

It was certainly the Martingale method, and he was really convinced that he had been the first to discover it. I took him to a cybercafé and showed him that his “fantastic strategy” was already invented long before he found it.

With that said, I don’t think the Martingale method is a great and essential betting strategy. Anyone can apply it/discover it by accident. Despite that, many bettors use this strategy, or something similar to it, as their favorite or preferred strategy. They probably don’t know how dangerous it can be.

We don’t recommend this betting system. Any bookmaker will be glad when their clients use it.

In the long term, it isn’t possible to win money using this method. The bookmakers have betting limits and they won’t let their bettors stake more than those fixed limits. There’s also the chance that the bettors could run out of funds when they face a big losing streak.

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