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This isn’t a bait. But if you came here believing that this possibility expressed in the title exists you really need to read this to the end.

Advertisements like this have flooded the internet in Portuguese language either through google, or mainly, via facebook.

I can already tell you that I’m not going to share a magical risk free formula so that you have sports betting as a fixed source of income. But don’t give up on this article yet. I’m not going to present this formula because it simply doesn’t exist! It’s a horrible lie, used by scammers to exploit the need of others and make money.

They are commercial stratagems developed just to make you buy courses/advice that promise training but in reality only serve to make them earn their money. Am I saying that every paid service is like this? Of course not. But who puts in the same sentence make money, sports betting and risk free is clearly deceiving someone.

But a lot can accuse me of evaluating negatively something that I don’t even know. It is not about knowing or not. We don’t need to fall in a scam to know that it is a scam. I have almost 9 years of experience in sports betting and I am capable of recognizing that the concepts and publicity involved in these initiatives are clearly created to try to catch you eluding you of possibilities that don’t exist.

Although this promise is more likely to be from supposed traders that sell the trading activity as a risk free activity, it isn’t rare finding punters offering their prognostics like winning with them were risk free.

The main contradiction that reveals the villainy of these initiatives resides in the concept of risk. THERE ARE NO risk free bets, whether they are trading, punting, refereeing or any other modality you choose. When you enter in sports betting thinking that, the chances that you get disappointed and giving yourself harm is immense.

The offer of some methodology that makes you make money risk free in sports betting only reveals the gimmick these pseudo bettors/traders utilize to get your money in courses, sign ups or even indicating bookmakers for you to register and deposit, making them win their percentage.

I will extrapolate a little here for a better understanding, but everything we do in life has a risk associated. Investments, profession, job, buying a house, marriage, everything, absolutely everything. Even the above saving of pseudo security involves minimal risk, but it involves. And risk is not something eminently negative, but it ends up with the possibility of something to go right or wrong in the most different degrees.

If you find something with no risk, that is, with no chance to go wrong and someone offers you this opportunity: Both sides are wrong: YOU looking to win without risk, and who offers, obviously, using an illusion to make money on top of unsuspecting people, even if these unsuspecting one are looking for the easiest way.

Risk does PART:

In betting then, be the modality you choose, the risk is a present part of our activity, we need to live with the RISK. It remains for us to do an efficient risk management to maximize our gains and minimize our losses. Ignoring, or worse, selling sports betting or trading like a risk free activity in which you can win without taking the risk to lose gives a completely lying image. And these vendors know that.

The tactic here is a rapid action: involving you, exploring you to the maximum and throw you away. The massive publicity involves replacing you quickly with another unsuspecting one so he can be explored and discarded too. This way their profit keeps growing at your costs and they keep going and even maximize the image of success they use for public seduction. At your costs and not due to their success in bets.

A bait is very common when the offer of a course or training is free. Similarly to financial pyramids that is nothing more than a stratagem to get you for your greed. Nothing relevant will be offered in this pseudo course, but then only so that they can present you to the paid modalities of the scams. Sincerely, not even in the paid courses anything relevant will be offered.

Many of the salesmen generate shame for the complete lack of knowledge of the betting and trading universe. They have no idea what they are talking about. Many of them just take the courses from the others and keep selling and reselling that crap that won’t teach anything to anyone.


Of course you can question: but they aren’t pointing a gun to someone’s face, so, its legit they make money this way. It might even be but we must have a very flexible morality to admit that it is legitimate to survive scamming others through lies and illusions.

At a time when false entrepreneurs and dream vendors have their farces unmasked, it continues to be a challenge trying to understand why these illusory and exploitative discourses prosper so much among humanity. It’s not exclusive to Portuguese, Brazilian or Portuguese talking people, but almost universal.

The search for the easy way opens space for these illusion vendors that have the only objective to grab your money. It’s not exclusive to the segment of sports betting online.

No one is forced to believe in me. But I ask you to before embarking on decoys like these to write down the name of these persons and go in facebook sports betting groups, serious sports betting portals, and even in “Reclame Aqui” (that has hundreds of complaints about these scammers).

It’s possible to make money in sports betting and many people are around to prove that. But not without taking risks and entering the wave of scams.

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