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The NBA’s off-season is being a true turmoil of twists and turns in several teams that, until the end of last season, weren’t nothing more than mere spectators on the fight for the title. So far, the highlight goes to the teams from Los Angeles that seem to be reinforcing themselves in order to get immediately in the way of the fight for the National Basketball Association title.

NBA: Lebron James with no time to waste

After a debut season that was clearly a failure for King James at the Los Angeles Lakers, it was practically certain that something needed to change, since creating a team around James didn’t work out well.

Madness in LA stirs up the NBA markets for 2020

With the change of head coach and several big-name players coming into the roster for 2020, the Lakers are back on the top of the market to win the NBA title on the bookmakers, with odds around 4.25 on 1xbet.

Besides Lebron, the Lakers have finally managed to put an end to the dispute against the New Orleans Pelicans in order to bring in Anthony Davis, one of the best centers in the NBA that will certainly bring more versatility both on offence and defence for the Lakers.

Besides them, the arrival of DeMarcus Cousins will make their interior game even more demolishing, on a partnership with AD that will be restored, since they already played together in New Orleans, something that can be important since it will speed up the intermeshing process taking into consideration the knowledge they already have about each other.

To close out the roster of a team with a winning ambition, they lacked the veteran players that come in as supporting act.

Generally, this kind of players know that they come in to have a reduced influence, although their presence and experience are essential for the team’s balance.

Amongst that set of players are Rajon Rondo or Danny Green – both previous champions – besides other quality players such as Jared Dudley, Kyle Kuzma or Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.

Basically, the Lakers are preparing themselves for a very different season in 2020, with a much more mature team and that’s ready for higher flights, something that didn’t happen this year with so much youth harming Lebron James’ adaptation.

Clippers don’t want to fall behind

While the Lakers were preparing their moves for Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins, their neighbors and rivals LA Clippers were looking at the big start of the NBA playoffs in 2019.

Kahwi Leonard carried the Toronto Raptors to an unprecedented title and now he has decided to return to the United States, which means the competition for the North American star was expected to be fierce.

However, his huge wage only allowed a couple of franchises to fight for his services.

clippers kawui

And it was the Clippers that convinced him since they’ve also managed to ensure the services of 2 other stars of the competition, Paul George, that arrives from Oklahoma after seeing his partnership with Russel Westbrook not delivering the expected results.

After an excellent season with such a young team, the side led by the charismatic Doc Rivers can perfectly elevate their level with these two high-value signings, maintaining the structure of last year.

That way, I’m not surprised that the Los Angeles Clippers have jumped to that lead of the NBA champions’ market in 2020 with odds around 3.30 on 1xBet.

We will have an exciting year of basket in Los Angeles!

The Brooklyn Nets are the highlight on the Eastern Conference

With the teams from LA shaking up the market in the West, on the Eastern Conference we have the Brooklyn Nets strengthening their roster in order to discuss the top spots of the Conference.

After the arrival of the highly regarded point guard Kyrie Irving, the team from Brooklyn decided to relinquish their star of last season – D’Angelo Russell – to bring in an enormous player called Kevin Durant.

Still, it is important to keep in mind that the former Warriors’ player contracted a serious injury on the Finals this year and he will still be away from the courts for several months, which means the team is more focused on a medium term.

Although there aren’t any certainties regarding an expected date of return to the competition, KD might not even play at all this year. In any case, the expectation of the team from Brooklyn will certainly be recovering him in time for the playoffs.

However, it will be essential for the team to have enough quality in order to get there without his services during the entire regular season.

For now, the Brooklyn Nets are still relatively lower on the list of contenders to the NBA title, with odds of around 15.00 on bookmakers like Bet365 but I believe that much of their success will be tied to Kevin Durant’s recovery period.

If he recovers still in time to play a couple of matches of the regular season to gain rhythm, this can be a very dangerous team on the playoffs.





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