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Basketball in general is one of the sports that utilize the group of players the most on a single game. On the NBA, it is no different, and even there, some teams stand out for having great options coming from the bench, and generally there are good odds offered for these players.

NBA: The best sixth man in the league

Not many sports give such a big importance to players that don’t play the game as “starters”. Basketball is a sport that is extremely intense throughout the whole duration of the match and there is no way to dose your energy and not hurt the team with that.

Looking at who is coming off the bench for the NBA teams

Within this context, the players that are coming off the bench are very important for the campaign of a team and inclusively, at the end of each season, the best 6th man of the season in the league even wins an award.

Currently, the biggest stand-out player coming off the bench is the Los Angeles Clippers’ point guard Lou Williams.

Lou was elected the best 6th man in the league at the end of last season, for the 2nd consecutive year, and that was the 3rd award of his career, equalling the legend Jamal Crawford, as the biggest winners in history.

It is clear that the players coming off the bench are also valued and in practice, the teams that manage to have good players on the bench are the champions.

On this 2019/2020 season, several teams have some good options on the bench, that actively participate in a large portion of the game and they tend to perform well.

How to take advantage of the lines and profit in the NBA

Just like every situation in the NBA, performing well in sports betting depends on study and also some luck.

A lot of times, these lines involving players that are coming off the bench are a bit underestimated and a lot of bettors ignore them, precisely because they aren’t amongst the starters.

Lou Williams, from the Los Angeles Clippers, is the biggest example of how we can take advantage of the lines of those players that aren’t starters.

The Clippers are the team with most points scored off the bench, having matches where the bench inclusively scores more points than their starters, when combining all players.

Williams has, on average, a line of points that revolves around 18.5 and 20.5, and he is one of the most active players of the team and he almost always surpasses this line.

Besides that, on Bet365, they offer the amount of 3-pts shots made and Lou always appears with a line of 1.5 and he is one of the players of the team that shoots the most from the perimeter, and even when things aren’t going well, it is still a great option.

Other teams have good options on the bench, and they are the ones that end up fighting for the league title. The rivals of the Clippers, the Los Angeles Lakers, also have good options on the bench that can offer you some good options on the bookmakers.

Starter on the last season, Kyle Kuzma became a reserve this season, with a better group. However, he always plays, and he ends up participating a lot, especially when things aren’t going well for their starters.

On the Lakers, the experienced point guard Rondo is also a very good option, especially in terms of assists. Besides him, the centre Howard also participates a lot on the game, coming in to defend and catch rebounds.

That way, sometimes it is interesting to look at the lines available for those that are “away” from the spotlights and not get tricked by the sometimes-inflated lines of the biggest superstars.

Everything requires a study of some variables that are essential for these lines to have value.

According to the amount of recent games of the team, utilization of the players from the bench and if the game will be easier or harder, these players might get more or less minutes.

Betting on young players that have just been drafted can also be interested. But careful, there are cases of teams where these players already came with superstar status, and their lines are bigger and sometimes offer no value.

I’m talking about promising players that don’t have very high lines but that actively participate on the games of their respective teams.

draft nba

Ja Morant, from the Memphis Grizzlies, is a good example, since despite being at the early stage of his career in NBA, he has a great participation on a team that doesn’t have one of the best rosters in the league.

The young star has a lot of minutes on court, with his line varying between 16.5 and 17.5 points, being a very intense boy that has quality when penetrating towards the basket.

These are only some examples of how to look for some good alternative betting options on NBA games.

!xbet offers a lot of good options, and the best choices aren’t always on those better-known players, who are often given more attention by the media and also by the opposing players.




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