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The British driver Lewis Hamilton won his 6th Formula 1 title on this 2019 season. The clear dominance of Hamilton was a clear showcase of the distance there is between teams, inclusively amongst great drivers.

Could Hamilton be the new Schumacher?

After another title conquered by Lewis Hamilton, this time in an even more uncontested way, the comparison to the biggest winners of the sports is unavoidable.

Lewis Hamilton: Amongst the best in the history of Formula 1

Having 6 Formula 1 titles, the Brit got even closer to the German Michael Schumacher, that is currently the biggest winner of all time in the sport, with 7 World Drivers’ Championship titles.

Hamilton has been breaking records and following Schumacher’s footsteps. The German was simply Ferrrari’s owner and even splitting the team with great drivers, he was always the uncontested favourite for the Italian Scuderia, inclusively having strategies to always come out on top.

Hamilton is also dominant on his own teams, and the Brit was benefited by racing strategies on several opportunities, which has been helping him stacking victories, titles and records.

In 2008, Hamilton became the youngest champion in the history of Formula 1, at 23 years of age. Then, that mark was surpassed by Sebastian Vettel, which was his great rival for the world title for the past couple of seasons.

The almost perfect season for Lewis Hamilton

It has been more and more difficult to fight for the top spots against the best drivers on the grid and now Hamilton appears as the target to take down, even by great champions such as Vettel.

In 2019, right at the beginning, it was possible for us to see the difference between every competitor and Scuderia. Mercedes won 8 consecutive times, with 2 wins a row for Bottas and 6 victories for Hamilton.

Ferrari was the biggest strength that could prevent Hamilton from winning an early title, followed by Red Bull that was way behind.

But although the Italians of Ferrari managed to pick up some momentum in the Summer, with 3 victories in 6 races, on the general context, the consistency of Hamilton stood out.

That consistency was clear because Lewis Hamilton managed to get points in every Grand Prix, equalling the achievement that only Michael Schumacher had been able to accomplish.

Hamilton, at the end of the season, also managed to accomplish what in motor sports is called Grand Chelem. This terminology means when a driver is able to start from the pole position, make the fastest lap of the race, and win the Grand Prix while leading from the first to the last lap without ever being overtaken.

What are the next steps for the Formula 1?

With the intention of offering more competitiveness amongst drivers, FIA is looking to make some changes for the next seasons, in terms of the cars, teams’ investment and the rules of the competition in general.

These changes shouldn’t yet be implemented in 2020, so until then the same names are still expected to dominate during next season, with Hamilton still standing out.

There are rumours that the British driver could sign a contract with Ferrari, which still wasn’t confirmed by any party. Hamilton can still overtake next season the number of victories of Michael Schumacher and match the number of titles the German has.

All of this could happen on the Scuderia where Schumacher became the biggest winner in history. On the other hand, on the last couple of seasons, Ferrari has been standing out negatively in terms of decisions made, race strategies and weaknesses on their cars.


Hamilton shouldn’t have in mind to move teams if he isn’t in fact trying to fight for another title.

The individual records of the Brit have been going down in the history books and right now, where he is incredible form, I don’t believe he will move to a troubled environment.

In terms of the other drivers, Sebastian Vettel is theoretically the driver that’s more capable of stopping Hamilton’s winning streak. However, the environment at Ferrari has been becoming less and less suitable for the German to return to the fight for the top spot.

Max Verstappen had some great quality moments ahead of the RBR and Charles Leclerc appeared as a driver with a high margin to improve.

All of that will depend on how the teams will behave next season, after the dominance shown by Mercedes and Lewis Hamilton.

If on one hand we are witnessing history being made with one of the biggest winners of all time, on the other hand we don’t see a lot of changes regarding the boring races that have been taking place.

In any case, Hamilton is still the best Formula 1 driver in the world right now.




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