The Los Angeles team beat the Miami Heat last Sunday, closing the series in 4 to 2. LeBron James showed why he is one of the greatest players in North-American basketball.


Many expected the final series to be closed last Friday, when the Los Angeles Lakers had a 3-1 advantage in the finals against the Miami Heat. In the opportunity, the Miami team overcame themselves and managed to beat the Lakers with a great performance from their star Jimmy Butler.

The series then went 3-2, giving hope to Miami fans. Everything was left for Sunday when once again LeBron James, Anthony Davis and company had the opportunity to close the series and raise the trophy.

If in the previous game the dispute between LeBron James and Jimmy Butler was so fierce that both were the highest scorers of the match in question, this time the Lakers managed to prevent Butler from leading the way in Miami.

The Los Angeles team went into “blood thirsty” mode. In the first half, contemplating the first and second quarters, the advantage was established in 28 points, finishing with 64 to 36 for the Lakers.

LeBron James turned out to be the Lakers’ greatest highlight in the match but collectively we can say that the team was impeccable in defense during the first half, which was something fundamental to bring up the win in the decisive game.

The Lakers were punishing Miami with a solid defense, a lot of dominant power in the key and abusing from the points in transition.
In the first quarter Miami managed to convert only 6 field goals, while in the second quarter 7 shots were converted.


The Heat scored just 36 points before the break, a ridiculous average for an NBA team in finals. This shows the absurd game quality of the Los Angeles team without the ball.

In the third period, both teams failed to put up a great offensive performance. The 3rd quarter ended up with a low score of 23-22 for the Lakers, where both defenses continued to challenge several attempts from their opponents.

In the last quarter, the Lakers already with both hands in the trophy, slowed the pace. The absurd advantage of 29 points was practically impossible to be overtaken.


The Heat still managed to score 35 points, but it was not enough to turn the game around, finishing 106 to 93 for the Los Angeles team, who became the champions.

The Los Angeles team led from start to finish, not an instant behind the score. A fact that did not happen since 1986.

LeBron James: One of the greatest in history!

The responsibility that LeBron James carried this season was not simple at all. The 23 jersey player arrived in Los Angeles with the responsibility of bringing one of the biggest franchises back on top.

Last season, the star knew the bitter taste of not even reaching the playoffs, along with a very criticized team from Los Angeles. This season he won the company of Anthony Davis, a new coaching staff and an intense team, privileging his technical quality.

The “daddy” together with Anthony Davis, repeated the feat of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, who in 2002 were first and second places, in points during the playoffs.

The Lakers hadn’t won a title in 10 years, and by the hands of LeBron James matched the Boston Celtics, positioning themselves as the most winning franchise in NBA history, winning their 17th title.

LeBron was impeccable. He was the top scorer with 28 points, and also picked up 14 rebounds and distributed 10 assists, achieving a triple double in a decisive NBA finals match.


The discussion amongst the fans from the Lakers’ 23 jersey heated up, regarding his comparison with Michael Jordan.

James, who is one of the highest scorers in NBA history, won the title for the fourth time and for a third different franchise.

In addition, Lebron James won the Finals MVP award for the fourth time in his career.

Michael Jordan is widely considered the greatest player of all time in the NBA. Jordan has won 6 titles in 6 finals all disputed by the Chicago Bulls.

James was decisive in the third Miami Heat championship, led the Cavaliers to the title by beating the Golden State Warriors after being down 3-1 in the finals, and now puts the Lakers back on top of North-American basketball.

LeBron has been 4 times NBA champion, 4 times finals MVP, 4 times regular season MVP, won the Rookie of the Year award in 2004, was the top scorer of the season once and was 16 times selected as an All-Star, adding 3 All-Star game MVP awards.

This discussion would take hours, and even then, we probably wouldn’t have an unanimity. However, it is undeniable that LeBron James will go down in history as one of the NBA’s greatest players of all time.

Congratulations to the Los Angeles Lakers, deservedly and undeniably the 19/20 NBA champions.

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