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Hello, today we are going to talk about something that most bettors crave within the sports betting which is to live exclusively from the betting and its aspects. And a term often used by people is TURN OF THE KEY.


But what does this turn of the key really mean? Many see it only as a change of profession, but before that, we have to turn the key in several other sectors and at the end of the process, the change of profession may not be so necessary.

And we can adapt our current profession with the sports betting, making one complement the other, thus generating a better financial return.

But this is an optional decision and be sure that the better you stay in the betting profession, the more opportunities will appear and will make you rethink what we want as a primary profession and a secondary one.

And if that happens, it will naturally make us opt for what we always wanted, which is to live off sports betting. But it is something that will happen naturally. And time is what will define this whole situation.

Continuing the subject about turning the key, we have to understand that it also involves changing concepts, time management, work planning and general definitions. All this is the first step to a turn of the key and it is not only to change profession and see what will happen.


Some fundamental things for this turn of the key is:

Plan in advance your attitudes. know the profession, understand the process that the profession offers in the short and long term, adequate tools to do a good job, work place, etc.

About the work place, there are many who want to operate with the cell phone inside the bus or with the Notebook on their lap sitting on the sofa with a lot of people talking around them.

These are things that must be improved, and improving it will generate in you the confidence and understanding that everything is being done in the best possible way.


And all of this requires a time of maturation, evaluation, testing and going through situations that will define if this is really what you want. It can come halfway or at the end of the process for you to understand that this is not for you. That this was not what you thought and no longer want to be a professional bettor.

You can choose to bet only in a recreational way and stay focused on your previous activity. This happens a lot, but most of the time, when you reach this decision, the path was made in the wrong way and you lost a lot of money during the process. Be careful with that!


As I have already mentioned in previous articles, it took me a little more than 3 years to turn the key in all sectors. That is, from the planning part, structural, mindset, network, knowledge of the profession, operational improvement and adequate bankroll.

And remembering that the first step of this process was to build a financial reserve and if everything went wrong, I would have a support and could return to my previous activity.

A very common mistake amongst starters and intermediate bettors is wanting to live with the expectations from the others. Have yours and it is not because a person has an office with 10 screens, the best quality furniture and gets a high return on their investments that you should want to be the same.

Sure, one day you will get there, but have your feet on the ground and start your betting business calmly. A simple space, an internet, a computer, an agenda, notes and knowledge in the profession is enough to get you started.

The rest is a consequence. And be sure that sooner or later, good things will happen, people will appear to help you and everything will happen naturally.


Another important thing we can stipulate, use as a personal incentive in our daily life and focus on this goal, is to know how much is worth your work time? For that, calculate your monthly cost of living and how much you need to maintain it.

Calculate this and divide it by 30 days… Then you will know how much you need financially per day of work to cover it. It doesn’t mean that you will be able to achieve this from one hour to the other, but it is always good to know how much you need to cover your cost of living.

Remembering that it’s not just from your operational that you will be able to earn money, sports betting will offer you several job opportunities in other areas.

And covering this cost of living may seem difficult at first, but working the right way, you will realize that you can earn a lot more. But only the focused, disciplined and deserving will get there. The procrastinators will walk in circles and will never leave their place.


Another important point that few people talk about because they think it is not important is having enough bankroll. I think it’s very important, and since our focus is to make our capital profitable, we have to think about it yes. And if we don’t have capital, what are we going to make profitable?

Of course, knowledge always comes first, but it’s not with a $50 bankroll that you’ll succeed financially. This bankroll will only help you learn the profession in practice without thinking about financial results.

I’ll give you a bold advice here, but it’s the reality. After learning a method of work and validating it, you need to risk and think about making constant contributions to your bankroll.

In my case, this risk took me 3 years of studies and only then I took this step that for many is something that is being postponed for 5 years, 8 years.


I know bettors who started with me and still operate today to seek a profit of $5 or $10 per operation. I know that every profit is good, but is it not possible to improve?

Evaluate this and make decisions for a great turn of the key. Well, this was the message I would like to leave in this article and get you to reflect about everything I wrote.

I hope you like it, big hug and filter ideas!!!

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