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Incredible news was announced this week by the British press. Jürgen Klopp could leave Liverpool after the 2022 World Cup, in Qatar, to take over the job as manager of the German national team.


Without a doubt, Jürgen Klopp is one of the best managers of world football these days. Liverpool’s manager is desired by big clubs in the world, but neither one of them would be able to make him leave the English club.

Klopp in charge of the German national team?

Klopp is considered one of the best managers in Liverpool’s history, having conquered the Champions League’s title of the 2018/2019, and he made the best campaign of the Reds’ history, despite losing the title to Manchester City by only 2 points.

Klopp’s campaign with Liverpool goes beyond the titles, since after his arrival in 2015, he took control of a team that was on a poor moment of form, and he couldn’t achieve more than the 8th place on his first season in the Premier League. The German manager built a legacy, a competitive team, that is now fighting for any title with huge chances of reaching the final or fight for the first positions.

He is a true idol for the fans of the club, and I don’t see any other club having enough strength to make him want to leave. Money seems not to be an issue that is important at this point, due to his valuation after the last couple of seasons. The sentimental side seems to be what would make Klopp say goodbye to Liverpool after 7 years.

Everything is still a possibility, but according to the British newspaper Mirror, Klopp’s cycle will be ended after the 2022 season, because at the end of the next World Cup in 2022, he might be heading to Germany, his homeland, this time to fulfill his great dream. Joachim Löw, manager of the German national team, will have his contract terminated by that time, after 16 years and 5 World Cups played.


With that, the favourite name of the leaders of the German football association would be precisely Jürgen Klopp. It’s a dream of Liverpool’s manager, the board knows it, and from now (according to the British newspaper) they’re already showing they’re unhappy regarding their manager’s departure.

As far as it is known, the manager has a long contract agreed with the English club, that would end in 2024, and it would surely result on a big fee for both parties. If the board of the English club puts their foot down and don’t accept the departure of their manager, we will have a very uncomfortable dispute already during the next season.

I don’t believe they will create a poor environment with a great idol, and that’s why I believe the fate of the manager will be his national team, just like he always desired.


The current manager of the German national team has a great trajectory, since he started as assistant manager in 2004. In 2006, it was his first World Cup leading a big project in German football, gambling on a new set of players and projecting an evolution for the following competitions.

As planned, he reaped the rewards two world cups later, beating Argentina in 2014 on the final played at the Maracanã, in Brazil, in what was their 4th world title. During that campaign, they’ve accomplished something historical, beating the host nation by a spectacular scoreline of 7-1.

Germany came into the following World Cup as favourites to win the title, played in Russia. With already very experienced players, maybe reaching the end of his cycle, the failure was as intense as the feeling of success on the previous World Cup.

The elimination still during the group stage might have been the key aspect for the leaders of the German FA to consider a managerial change. Joachim Löw led the team for over 180 matches and until the end of his contract he has the task of leading this team on a EURO and a World Cup.

These are two highly important competitions but that look like a transition point, just like the 2006 World Cup. It’s time to get rid of the past and focus on the future, and that future doesn’t count with Joachim Low. Klopp would have a task similar to the one he had at Liverpool. Coming into a completely glorious team but that needs some renewal.

He has already proven that he is a competent man for the job, and if the proposal is confirmed, it should be the best choice for the national team, even if they have to deal with the resistance of Liverpool’s board.





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