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North American basketball has been having some incidents with the new pandemic, starting off with the case of Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz that tried to be funny but ended up being the first to test positive in the entire league. But Keven Durant was also unable to escape, and he didn’t even play so far this season…

Strong spread is an established fact

The contagion of COVID-19 from one person to another is today a strong reality and that became even more visible with the Brooklyn Nets of the NBA that recently announced they had 4 players that tested positive for the new coronavirus.

Kevin Durant infected with COVID-19

One of them already confirmed it in social media and he is one of the biggest superstars in the league, Kevin Durant. Curiously, the player that won the NBA title for the Golden State Warriors still hasn’t played a single game this season and it wouldn’t be easy to contract this virus. However, the simple contact with his teammates was enough.

That serves to illustrate that we don’t need to be very exposed to contract the COVID-19, that way reinforcing the strong ability of contagion of the virus, which should serve as a warning for us. The NBA is already suspended for more than a week and, since then, these cases have been appearing. Right now, there are already players from 3 different teams infected and those numbers can continue to increase in the next couple of days.

Silver lining for Durant?

It can be ironical or even cruel to say, but the truth is that this suspension of the NBA gives Kevin Durant additional time to continue his physical recovery after a surgery at the end of last season.The player already said on social media that he isn’t feeling any of the symptoms and that he is in perfect conditions.

However, who knows if this situation won’t allow him to help his team out in 2 months if the rest of the season really is postponed until then.This is an outstanding player that, alongside Kyrie Irving, arrived at the Brooklyn Nets to chase the NBA title.

However, both players are dealing with serious physical problems that have been putting them away from the competition. Irving played several games this season, but the season ended prematurely for him due to a problem on his right shoulder that forced him to an arthroscopy.

As for Kevin Durant, he still hasn’t played this season due to an injury on the Achilles tendon that forced him to go through a long recovery period. The player has already been attending specific practices on court and he seems to be at an advanced stage of his recovery. However, the Nets already agreed that it would be better for the player to only return to competition next season.

Is that still the case, considering the current state of things? With the competition suspended for more than a month, he may start dreaming about an early return. The Nets are currently in 7th place of the Eastern Conference and they should secure a spot in the playoffs, something that might tempt the North American player…

Lack of symptoms scares players

Just like it has been announced by the authorities and media, this is not a very lethal virus for the people who are young and in good physical conditions, but it can be fatal for people of advanced age or with limitations.

One of the infected players of the Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell, said this virus is particularly scary because there are no symptoms. In a certain way, the fact that people can resist to it with relative ease can motivate people to continue living their normal life.

Still, this idea can be a problem for society due to its quick contagion that can extend to family members or more vulnerable friends and that can originate lethal consequences for human life.

When there are no symptoms or people don’t even know they’re infected, it’s natural for people to take things lightly, be less cautious, and that’s what can contribute towards a strong spread of this worldwide pandemic. That way, independently of the presence or absence of symptoms, the authorities continue to ask people to stay at home and reduce social contact to the minimum in order to contain this rampant contagion that we’ve been seeing all around the world.

Nobody seems to be immune to the virus and even those who can surpass it without difficulties need to be socially aware in order not to infect family members or co-workers that can be more vulnerable to the new coronavirus.





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